Monday, September 15, 2008

Cascade 220 heads to the SEC

Wow, the SEC is full of color. These people are not resting on their laurels and just sticking to red, white and blue like some teams in the NFL. You know who you are, no need to point fingers, GO PATS!

But really, these teams were a pleasure to work on. I can only say that now, because I'm done. Matching shades of red, crimson, garnet, maroon, and Harvard Crimson make me, well, long for the good old days for the NFL match up.

As I do every time I'd like to say, I'm doing the best I can. I check every team, I don't just say "oh, crimson, I said color ## last time, I'll say color ## again."

It may not seem like it when you look at you favorite team and you go "Oh, dang, she the Gamecocks all wrong." Really, I'm doing my best!

Now, que the theme to 2001...

Cascade 220
first, Cascade 220 Superwash numbers second


University of Alabama

Crimson (2401) or (8884) and White (8505)

Crimson (893) and White (8710

University of Arkansas

Cardinal Red (8895) or (8414) and White (8505) and Blue (8887)

Cardinal Red (808) White (871) and Blue (813)

Auburn University

Burnt Orange (7825) and Navy Blue (8393)

Burnt Orange (907) and Navy Blue (854)

University of Florida

Orange (7825) and Blue (7818)

Orange (825) or (822) and Blue (814)-oranges not a good match in superwash

University of Georgia

Red (8895) and Black (8555)

Red (808) and Black (815)

University of Kentucky

Blue (9484) or (7814) and White (8505)

Blue (813) and White (871)

Louisiana State University

Purple (8904) and Gold (7827)

Purple (803) and Gold (821) superwash purple is dark

University of Mississippi

Harvard Crimson (8895) and Yale Blue (8393)

Harvard Crimson (808) and Yale Blue (854)

Mississippi State University

Maroon (2401) and White (8505)

Maroon (880) or (909) and White (871)

University of South Carolina

Garnet (8884) or (9404) and Black (8555)

Garnet (893) and Black (815)

University of Tennessee

Light Orange (7825) and White (8505)

Light Orange (825) and White (817)

Vanderbilt University

Black (8555) and Gold (2415) or (7827)

Black (815) and Gold (877)

As always if you are in the Michigan area, these stores stock a shocking amount of Cascade:

Threadbear Fiber Arts
in Lansing, Michigan

Your Local Yarn Shop
in Battle Creek, Michigan

Again, I am not affiliated with either store, or with Cascade, although I'd love to be.


Carina said...

Humph. SEC. I guess they need knits, too, though.

Thanks for doing this, Holly. This is huge, and seriously, Cascade owes you big-time. I hope they're compensating you somehow. If not, fight for it.

Linda said...

Dito! This is huge and you deserve a prize!

Holly Bee said...

No, really, no compensation.

I'd like a giant box of yarn or a job, or just a big "hey Holly is cool" from Cascade would be cool.

I'm sure I'm selling some yarn for them.

Laura said...

This is great- have you done the ACC, perchance?

Holly Bee said...

ACC is in the works!

Laura said...

awesome, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of the yarn colors for FSU?

Stella1234 said...

hi there. Not being a football girl I'm embarrassed to ask about University of Washington's conference, but... is there anyway you can match up their colors? I can't figure out their purple and while I found a UW set on, I don't like the pattern and would actually like to order the wool from my local store on Main Street. Please help if you can xoxo! Thanks, Francesca

Stella1234 said...

Wait! I just read someone else's comment about getting the Pantones and calling Cascade. I'm doing it now and will post so you can add for other Dawgs fans! Thanks!