Sunday, September 07, 2008

Cascade 220 Goes to the Big 10!!

Here it is, the start of the College Yarn Team Color Match up.

Of course I went with Cascade! I love them! But I did you one better than with the NFL List, I've matched up the teams to Cascade 220, and to Cascade 220 Superwash.

Why? Because if you have the good fortune to go to a stadium that isn't dry, you may have a beer related mishap and need to wash whatever lovely hand knit. You don't want your team spirit to shrink in the wash do you?

So, listed first are the 220 options and second are the Superwash options. Again, this is done to the best of my ability, and for the love of team sports and knitting.

Big Ten

University of Illinois –

Orange (7825) and Blue (8393)

Orange (907) and Blue (854)

Indiana University–

Cream (810) and Crimson (8884) or (2401)

Cream (817) and Crimson (909)

Home town favorite-University of Michigan

Maize (7827) and Blue (8393)

Maize (877) and Blue (885) or (813)

No, here's the home town fav...Michigan State University

Green (8267) or (9426) and White (8505)

Green (866) or (801) and White (871)

University of Iowa –

Gold (7827) and Black (8555)

Gold (877) and Black (815)

University of Minnesota –

Maroon (2401) (8884) and Gold (7827)

Marron (909) and (877)

Northwestern University –

Purple (8904) and White (8505)

Purple (803) and White (871)

THE Ohio State University "THE Official Yarn Colors" –

Scarlett (9404) or (2413) and Gray (8509) and White really makes it pop (8505)

Scarlett (893) or (808) and Gray (892) and really, White looks good (871)

Penn State University –

Blue (8393)and White (8505)

Blue (854) and White (871)

Purdue University –

Old Gold (8393) and Black (8555)

Old Gold (853) -not a good match in super wash and Black (815)

University of Wisconsin –

Cardinal (8414) or (8895) and White (8505)

Cardinal (893) or (808) and White (871)

Now, is it the Big 10 because there are 11 teams? Or perhaps I messed up somewhere?

What? You're school isn't listed here? Neither is mine. For local Kzoo people, I'm doing the MAC like a week from now. But I'll throw you a bone...

I always use superwash when making hats... and scarves.

I'm not very far yet. But hey, football season just started!

Western Michigan University-

Brown (8686) or (2403) and Gold (7826)

Brown (819) and Gold (877)

So, again a big thanks to the fine folks at Cascade for the big rainbow of colors. If you need some Team Colors check these yarn stores with HUGE Cascade selections:

Your Local Yarn Store-Battle Creek, MI

No, I'm not getting payola, or anything from any of these places, they really do have a great selection of the colors you NEED.


Carina said...

Whoooo! You totally rock!

Oh, and real The Ohio State University fans (I really want a shirt that says "An Ohio State University") always do the crimson and grey. I've been assured this by a certain gentleman who gets really obnoxious during football season in our house. I've got the right colors in Zenith for a Jim Tressel vest I'll start this fall after some other stuff.

Thanks for the Western colors, too. I need a hat in those just for me. :)

Anonymous said...

MAC as in SAU?

Carina said...

Darn. Scarlet and grey. I was haughtily informed last night that it's not crimson and nowhere near crimson but instead a totally different color, scarlet. Those The OSU fans can be a bit snippy, methinks.

Linda said...

As always HB, You Rock! Incase you have any Clemson or USC readers....
In 220 - Clemson Orange 7825, Purple 8886. Super wash 825 & 803.
Gamecocks Garnet 893 in Superwash.

Bec. said...

You are too cool for school!

ellen in indy said...

yes, the big 10 has had 11 teams for some time now.

love the list, but please -- one little fix: there is not now, never has been and hopefully never will be a "university of indiana" in the hoosier state. it's indiana university (founded 1820 and co-ed not long after).

Holly Bee said...

Look how quick I fixed that! My Mom would kill me too! She taught at UISB!!! I'm so embarrassed!

BetsyFerrell said...

Hi, Betsy Here. I was looking to make some ohio state colored hats for my grandchildren and was wondering if there is an updated list on the colors. I noticed that this post was posted in 2008 and it is now 2014. I know you are very busy but would like to stay with the true scarlet and grey color. Thank you