Sunday, September 07, 2008

5k + Wine = AWESOME

Pig 1 and I were out on special assignment Saturday. We were called in by the Young Ogre's Task Force to protect the crowd at the Grape Lake 5k WALK/run and then the Paw Paw Harvest Fest afterward.

Rotten assignment, right? Walk, then wine?
At about this point....

Pig 1 was doing more whining than walking, and I starting promising things like this...and this...

But he sucked it up and walked on through to the finish line. We, uh, didn't exactly get an official finish time until 4 minutes after we had officially arrived. WHY? Pig 1 isn't called a pig for nothing. He made a pig line straight past the timers and right to the food tent.

(note: Pig1 came in 4th for his age group. Me, 16 out of 17.)

Let's see, while those people were waiting to see if they would get an award, we were awarding our selves at St. Julian!

Look! They're making robots at St Julian to help against the zombie horde!!

Actually, Vodka! They're running a prohibition style still. Yeah! Totally rocker, right?
They even have a QC Lab! Be still my lab tech heart!! In the pre Tour video, we saw a lady MOUTH pipetting! Major no-no normally, but you have to's WINE!
So, forget working for the EPA, I've found my dream job. I bet you get a sweet t shirt, wine discounts, and I'd love to do the factory tours. Hey, when you talk as much as I do, it's difficult to stay in the lab all day.
Will Pig 1 go on assignment for the Young Ogre's Task Force again? Well, of course, he's a young ogre.
Will he do another 5k? "Maybe, if we take more breaks." Yeah, right.
As for me, do another 5k? Heck yes, I signed up to do one September 20th. I was second to last in my age group. I mean I only need to be able to out run one person to get away from a bear, but who am I kidding, I'm walking. I need to beat at least 3 people to keep that bear away from me.

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trixie stix said...

Looks like a lot of fun. for me, I would be in it only for the vino!