Monday, August 04, 2008

Your Local Yarn Shop!

Saturday! I finally made it to Your Local Yarn Shop in Battle Creek!

I mean, what, they'd been open for 4 whole days and I hadn't been there yet?

It was lovely, no, better than lovely! I ran into Arcadienne in the parking lot!!!
What's better than a yarn shop and friends?

I should have brought the ladies a congratulatory CAKE!

Ok, ok, that was actually Shelly's idea, but she's a bit Southern and has good manners, and well, there you go.

Check the swank conversation area...

Oh, forget the conversation area, check the goods!
You know I love Cascade anyone else watching preseason football?

There's also Shibui sock yarn, which is unmentionably lovely stuff, Sheep shop Yarn Company (which suckered me from the box)

Pursey Galore! Is that just making you want some 007, or what? (Uh, I wouldn't google the bag name if I were you. I'm just warning you.)

Even the Shop Models are awesome!!

Here's Linda, modeling the Lace Shawl Pattern P05108 by Kristin Omdahl Knit by the very talented Susan. From what I hear in lightening speed time too. It was done in rockin' orangey pinks which for some reason evil camera is no longer able to photo true to color.

I dutifully wrote down all yarn info with my beloved sharpy and then set a bottle of h20 next to it, and the info bled, so I think it was Anne yarn. Please ask for complete details in the shop.

Look! More fancy colors (colours)! Oooh, and the class list is up!

So, good luck Kelly with the yarn and the baby!

It was great meeting you Linda! I had such a nice time visiting and shopping with you all!
I'll be seeing you all soon! (Yes, yes, with the evil camera.)


tracyb said...

Man, that wall of Cascade is making me drool! And Shibui Knits! I've never seen it in the wild, only on the loopy ewe! You are so lucky!

Carina said...

I need to see if they have a pattern I'm looking for. Too bad they're not open today. :(

Linda said...

Man! You are one lucky girl! Very cool shop. And so freaking close to you. Mine is 40 minutes away and carries like 3 colors of Cascade. "Oh, but dearie. We can order anything you need." Yea well, so can I. It's called the internet!... um...sorry...did I say that out loud?
Very Cool Shop! Enjoy it for me too!! :)

Holly Bee said...

Linda, what color do you need? I have a secret stash to rival most stores!!!

Carina what pattern are you looking for? What ya knitting now??

Tracyb...Shibui is evil, evil, dirty lovely stuff. I don't even want to own it, it's so nasty. If I had it, it would be all I would want!

Bec said...

Miss Holly Bee,
When will you be at the fair? Right now I am unemployed and can go almost whenever I want.

trixie stix said...

Thanks for posting about this! I did not know that they were open yet. This shop is within walking distance from my home . . . dangerous!