Monday, August 11, 2008

Pancakes, AHOY!!!

This, my friends, is the pancake tent...

It can be found at the Calhoun County Fairground, Marshall Michigan. August Now-August 16th

Head for the Grand Stand, if you get to the carny rides, you've gone to far. Ask a 4-h kid, they know where it's at, or they're related to the Ogre, either way, they'll point you in the right direction.

I kid you not, I had the BEST made by an Ogre fried egg sandwich I've ever had. Now, I've had a few Ogre made sandwiches in my time, and really, this one beat all.

It's all home made. Or, at least tent made.

Giant Vat O' Sausage Gravy

See the guy with the two broken arms? He said "Not only are the Tigers a lame ball club, but knitting is lame too."

That's when I said, "Lame! I''ll make you lame!" I proceed to make him eat so much sausage gravy, the weight of it broke both his arms. Ok, he came in lame, but, really, it was fun tormenting him. I mean really, the rest of his table was egging me on. Get it, egging me on.

You think that was a lame (I can't stop) joke? It's none stop bad puns at the Pancake Tent. Great Food, Bad Puns. That really should be on a t shirt for the wait staff.

Hey! Look who showed up for the best lunch at the fair!! Carina and her kids! Wait, I should say her AWARD WINNING CHILDREN! Yep, both kids are ribbon winners. No, I'm not telling you, you have to check it out for yourself.

Really, the tent will be there all week. I, may also be seen skulking around all week.

Oh, more knitting, less pancake pimping...fine.

This is the tough crowd I've been hanging with lately.

They may even show up at the fair, with pointy sticks and fiber!


Linda said...

Oh Man! You guys hava all the fun! Have a great time for me too!

Carina said...

Just waiting for the pictures so I can boast about all the ribbons! Yay for my kids! Boo to the bad knitting judge.