Sunday, August 17, 2008

Michigan Fiber Fest...We Slayed at that Festival

After so many fair days,

sheep related events,

wrong photo

sheep related events,

and huge knitting hang outs,

I just didn't know if I would be able to have fun at yet another day of elephant ears, fiber and friends.

Oh, hell, you know I can handle my fiber and fairs they way I can handle my grog.

It's like the Seniors willing things to underclassman...

To Carina...a roll of tape.

To Elizabeth...the shirt off my back. Sorry it stinks.

But it was totally cool to ask those ladies spinning between two barns if I could squeeze by them so I could change my shirt, like Superman. There are no actual photos of that. Neither the changing nor the exchange. Just note that I was wearing a ZPDK shirt, and then a Fiber Fest shirt. No, I didn't spill Nachos.

To Shannon...Super Zombie Slaying Power. You have Mad Skillz woman. Mad Skillz.

Zombies? Did we see zombies? Of course. Like the smell of brains, zombies are drawn to the smell of fiber. I personally believe they are attracted to the lanolin in the wool. That is not in Pitch Forks and Torches-The Ogre's Plight, but if I prove my theory to be true, I'm going to add that as a new chapter.

So, if you have flock of sheep, I would suggest you invest in a guard llama. I think this guy would do the trick.

Not only can he slay a half dozen zombies single hoofedly and protect the flock, but he does it with style. Can you say that about a dog? No. I think not.

After all this, you may ask "what is left?" I like Brouhaha, am going to take a break. Expect a whole lotta zanny, maybe even some knitting, plenty of zombie trophies August 25th.


Barbara said...

So nice to meet you and the others on Sat. I did recognize you from you ravatar.

You caught me in a couple of pictures, the one with Knit Wit in the foreground; I was trying to explain Ravelry to a knitter/weaver and encourage her to join.
Barb Marr

Anonymous said...

Well I now know how to butcher a sheep. This was something missing in my knowledge base. It's surprising how similar it is to pigs and cows.
Was this one of the pig's entries?

It was great seeing you at FF and can hardly wait to have a Thursday off when you are back at Water Street. Enjoy your time off from the blog, you do such a great job at it, it must be a lot of work to do.


tracyb said...

Oh, I will miss you. Can't wait to see what you come up with the 25th!

Knit and fall back in it said...

You guys have more fun by accident than most families have on purpose.

Carina said...

Thanks for the tape! How the heck do I always forget tape and my camera?! It must be some missing region in my brain that got filled up with fibery goodness or yarn.

Linda said...

I'm with Amy...."You guys have more fun by accident than most families have on purpose."

Holly Bee said...

Hurrah to everyone!!!

It was a great time!

Back home and ready to destroy...the yarn stash, and any zombie in my path, oh, and the back to school aisle.