Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lost? Never! Ogres, Olympics and Pigs, we got it all

Will a Knitter get lost in the woods?

Not if she brings her trusty dog!

Now, it may seem crazy to bring 3 Pigs into the barren wilderness to learn to fight zombies. As it turns out, Ogres as early as the Late 1800's were sending their families up north for Zombie Camp. Look! Evidence right there at the Waterfront Park!

"Often husbands sent their wives and children ahead of them to escape the summer heat. They joined their families intermittently during the season as their business schedules permitted."

In Pitch Forks and Torches-The Ogre's Plight it actually reads "Often Ogres sent their wives and children ahead of them to get additional training in the summer. They joined their families intermittently during the season as their patrol schedules permitted."

As we all know, zombies are more active in the warm summer months, making it easier and more zombie free to train in the cooler weather of the north. It's just good planning to have a Training Camp up there. Plus, it's pretty.

The following is not pretty. This was all done in an attempt to be biting fly free.

Turns out flies fear knee high socks much more than they do moustaches.

Oh, you thought we were totally disconnected from the outside world? No, no friends, we had a few days off from our grueling training.

Ahoy! Yarn's Spinner! Anything can be yarny. You know, this would be a great time to tell you about seaman and hat knitting, but now I have the giggles and it's useless.

Note to knitters: apparently there is quite the market for these Monmouth caps. For actual cool history go here info and pattern by Jennifer Carlson.
More Awesome! Michigan raised an Olympian!!!

Way to go Matt Hughes! We watched you Sculling before we left for your childhood hometown!

What's this, the Ogre on a boatful of Pigs?

Yeah, I can't go on boats. They make me barf. Even tiny paddle boats. Barf. Blah, blah, start your "you should try..." I don't want to. Barfing is lame.

Besides you know what time it is when the fam is on the water?

Craft time.


tracyb said...

Poor dog! Awesome tye-dye on the pigs, agree with you about boats! And is that FatCat's crocheted bag?

Carina said...

Ludington is just the most magical place in the world. Dang, I miss it now.

Holly Bee said...


Well, except Maine is like Ludington on steroids.

The bag on the left is FatCat's, the one on the right is my copy. I'm loosely adopting the pattern and am going to attempt to add something extra to it.

No, I'm not telling in case it doesn't work out.

mono loco said...

Take note that the 16th c. version of the Monmouth cap at gentlemenoffortune looks like it has an unwoven end! And these hats were worn by pirates?!?!

Then that's it! No more modern major general... it's the pirate's life for me! No more weaving in!!

On the poor dog front...
After her camping trauma, she came straight home, pulled a homemade blueberry bread off of the kitchen table, ate half and then trucked off to doggy day care to brag to the other househounds about her trip. Now it's all "Camping, camping, camping!! When can we go!?! When can we go again!?!?"