Thursday, July 24, 2008

ZPDK's Outing and Hopps for Hope UPDATE

Oh gosh! What's that behind me? Loads of people out to knit and have fun in a beautiful park setting? No, zombies you say! Quick, let me grab my shovel! Where is it...uh, I, uh...

Luckily for me our very own broken armed zombie slayer showed up. Turns out, even zombies are pacified in the lovely setting of nature.

Hey Carina! Is your name Slim Shady on Ravelry? What? It's Bina? You got a sweet Ravelry name button when you showed up for a Zombie Prom Date Knitters Outing! That is awesome! I wish I had one. Wait, I have 50...

Shelly, was trying to convince us this was a sock, then a snuffulupagus trunk warmer. I'm starting to worry about what this actually will develop into.

Baby sweater. Lothlorien color baby sweater. Yeah.

Now this is not in the realm of forest Camo! This is makes my soul sing! Orange and Green Friends!

It's time for a
Barbara J Hopps, Hopps for Hope Memorial Blanket UPDATE

Linda, of Fat Cat Crochet, sent these lovelies awhile ago. Evil camera is not so much with photographing orange and green this am. It may be because it photos those two colors so often I have worn out it's orange and green sensor. It could happen.

You really should check out the link to Linda's blog, because there is a connection to this next photo. Yes, everything is connected!

Linda, from South Carolina, met Chris of Briar Rose Fibers from Michigan, in Illinois! Even more was the same weekend I was there with the fam!

Look!! Here's Chris' square! What's that I spy in the background?

Our great big pile of squares of HOPE! Ok, I'll admit, that was cheesy.

But can you believe this? It started as a "hey, let's do something for charity as a group as a summer project."

Tracyb came up with the idea, and look at all the awesome the good we are putting out into the world!

And it's coming back to us...

Chris of Briar Rose Fibers not only donated a completed square, but she also sent along this for prizes!!!

Are you inspired? Are you feeling recharged? Are cooler than being cool?


1. Most Squares
2. Queen of the Day
3. Best Intentions
#2 is the Sewing it together prize. Don't you fret Spinsanity! I haven't forgotten about your generous offer of sewing together! Or you Carina, with your lovely orange square!

As for end date, we said end of summer. So, sewing this puppy up would be after Labor Day, at a Date and Location yet to be Determined. But as said before, there will be CAKE!

I guess we need a 4th Prize category, because Chris lovingly sent 4 in the comments please leave suggestions for a 4th category. Points will be given for humor.

Thank you CHRIS!!!

LOOK! The WRECK this JOURNAL makes it's debut!


tracyb said...

That journal page made me cry, in a good way. My sister was a total child of the sixties, so the peace sign got me! And her oldest son's name is Chris, so the signature got me too. My squares will be in the mail, I'm working on number three. You rock sister!

tracyb said...

Oh! Fourth prize could be "knitting with broken bones"!

Linda said...

Briar Rose Yarn Prizes??!!!!
I am SO making more squares!

Knit and fall back in it said...

Isn't it cool how you can just mention something and everyone chips in and gets it done?

Linda said...

4th catagory: Best Bribe!

Holly Bee said...


Yes, I think that, my friend takes the cake!! Eh, what's your favorite color?