Saturday, July 12, 2008

Zombie Prom Date Outings, Sometimes Better than Others

Remember how I said "If the weather's bad-Don't Go"
for the first Zombie Prom Date Knitter's Hump Day in the Park Outing? (I actually said weater,but, well, eh)

Anyway, some of us jackass's still went. Why you ask? ADVENTURE! Plus, I'd hate to say I was going to be somewhere and then have someone say "you weren't there...and I was, and it rained."

So we went. It was lovely, the park is great. The Pigs, they blew the stink off and built up an appetite. So around 5, right before all might storm hit, we drove over to Augusta for some pizza at Duda's.

We also caught a bluegrass band, the power went out so they went unplugged,

we watched the traffic from I-94 get rerouted through Augusta because the highway got shutdown, the Duda's daily special sign floated down the road, and we probably had the best pizza. Partially due to the adventure. It was right out of a twilight zone episode, bluegrass, strangers trapped together, it was the best.

When the rain broke, the Pigs said Good Luck to Shelly and jumped in the Pig-mobile.

The Ogre said not to drive in any water. Sadly, this was not possible. This is the P-mobile at a stop with the door open. I was tempted to let my crocks float away, but I kind of like those shoes and I'd feel like an ass with only one.

For July's Evening Outing, it was decidedly less rainy. I'm sure Carina's yard did not flood, and no arms were broken.

I can't really say if there was any licking or not. I'm not in charge of crowd control, I'm more like Ray Kinsella.

Dick, Janet and Christine of Fabrications
were super nice to us and WE LOVE THEM!!! They put up with all our Zombie Fighting crazy while in the middle of getting ready to go to a fabric expo. So a super big thanks to them.

Plus, they also said we could use their classroom next time...ah, gotta love that.

Who wears such fancy pants??? Show up next time and find out sucka!

How does one unwind after so much insanity? By begging Spinsanity to let you buy a sweet Spindle...she didn't bring any for sale ones!!! For shame. We had to console ourselves with deep fried pickles. Can you believe some of these so called ladies had never had fried pickles?


Mrs. H (aka MrsAych) said...

You got rain, too? Rain sucks. It makes everything wet.

tracyb said...

you guys have all the fun! Northeast Michigan blows!

Kristina said...

Toronto blows too, I think... then again, I really haven't checked out the events. But I don't see how they could match up to this one...

Holly Bee said...

Rain does seem to keep the zombies at bay though...It messes makes their bits fall off quicker.