Thursday, July 10, 2008

You thought I never finished anything

Well, well, well, naysayers, here's a big tada to you!

Ok, maybe not a big tada, but a dishcloth sized tada. If you look at the next photo. Yes, the one with Aunt Jeanne's tongue in my mouth, you will see a completed ball band dish cloth.

See. In her hand. Brown and bright at the same time? I made that. Finished, done, ends woven in. It's goingt to shrink like a bitch and be a tiny scrubby.

Why??? I did not follow the instructions exactly, uh, as written.

Why??? Directions are for boring people with no sense of adventure.

Oh, you were asking WHY??? does my Aunt have her tongue in my mouth?
I was sharing a piece of cake with her.

The family is serious about cake. You should see us at a wedding.

Speaking of weddings...I think I smell cake in the air.


Linda said...

I swear, one day I AM going to meet you! You are just too funny!

tracyb said...

Exactly how big is your dishcloth?

Holly Bee said...


Uh, why do you want to know the size of my dishcltoh?

It was made from left overs from other dishcloths, so it was small. Plus, I get teased when I make the Mason Dixon dishcloths, so I just stopped working on it due to peer pressure.

tracyb said...

I just wondered why it was small! Who teases you? I totally make those things for all occasions! Don't succumb to peer pressure!

kristinknits said...

These photos were meant to be blogged! Can't wait to see what happens this weekend when we indulge in wedding cake.

See you Saturday!

Knit and fall back in it said...

There's nothing like wedding cake. Eat a piece for me, OK?

kristina said...

You Mason Dixon knitter vixen, you - dishcloth miniatures!!!!


But my dishcloth is smaller than yours...