Monday, July 28, 2008

It always seems so normal

Well, the candy I scored last week managed to make it to the family was a hit.

Oh, you've noticed there are no kids or pigs enjoying the spoils of war? It's not because they weren't trying. I had to Trojan Horse this stuff into the house under a bag of knitting and an arm load of green beans.

Yeah, the mixture of wool and veg confused their wee young noses and they were unable to detect the abundant levels of high fructose corn syrup I was bootlegging into the house. The ladies went straight for the Razzles and the Candy Cigs. Really Candy Cigs...not Candy "sticks" these were the real deal friends.

The kids finally got wind of the candy situation and suggested a game of capture the castle. I said "Bring it on, suckers."

Yeah, I didn't realize the kind of high tech artillery I was up against. The promptly beat me.

In my defense, I was only armed with the evil camera, my mouth and some water balloons. They had the force of 11, a lawn mower, a sling shot thing, and well, the energy of youth.

Someone on the grown up team decided to take the kids out to the local pond and see if any of them were witches. One of kids was almost deemed not a witch. But was saved just in time.

Zombie attack! Run! No, really, go pick veg out of the garden. It will be just as fun as white washing a picket fence. I swear, a real laugh riot, you'll love it. Really, just as fun as white washing, run and check it out.

What's this? A steep hill, no helmet and a scooter that supports my weight? I'm IN!!

She really is telling me to ride it in the driveway, not in the grass.

Yes, that scooter does have three wheels, yes, Taylor did beat me up the hill, and yes, I did cough and hack at the top of the hill, and then yes, I did it a whole bunch more.

Oh, the Ogre and the rope? The Ogre wanted to leave, the Pigs didn't. They tied him up and then ran away to the swimming hole. It's ok, they came back 2 hours later, in the front loader of a tractor.


tracyb said...

It looks like you had so much fun! I'd love to try out the three wheel scooter!

Linda said...

Man! Looks like a great time!!What kind of scooter was that? Does it support 200#?? Cuz I need one that will support MY weight!

Knit and fall back in it said...

Looks like a great time. I think I would like to have one of those scooters.

kb said...

It seems that fun was had by all... good going!

Where can I get one of those scooters? I'm sick of public transit. :-)

Holly Bee said...

Scooter was called the Power Hog by
Seven Star Sports...I think they have been outlawed in the US for being too awesome. Really.