Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More Wedding Knitting and CAKE! Plus a new Lovely Life together...

It was a beautiful day filled with promise and the smell of rosebuds. Instead of having a rain delay, Jessica and Kevin thought ahead and moved the Main Event inside. BRILLIANT! I love a couple who think quick on their feet and aren't afraid of change! ADVENTURE!

I was looking smashing in my vintage paisley dress. Sadly, it still smelled a wee bit of death. But I was able to remove it from the zombie chick who was wearing it without any damage to the dress. Which I have to say is more difficult than it sounds. You try. It's nasty to say the least.

Luckily, whatever chemicals they used to make fabrics fire resistant in the 60's is also a great stain deterrent. (Must check, same stuff they use to make men's pants "stain resistant?")

My Date? Yes, he is a bit young, but that's the way I likes 'em.

Was there knitting? Well between the ceremony, which was beautiful, and then the bridal party photos, I check the perimeter for zombies-CLEAR-we did have some time for knitting


New life starting off together...I bet if you kiss her there will be bubbles

The after party? Well, there was barfing. Yeah, barfing. Seems the younger crowd can't handle there rich wedding food.
Me, I knit late into the night and thought back to when the Ogre and I got married...
It was a dark and stormy night, we had a flat tire, so we had to walk up to this castle to see if they had a phone we could use. No, that was when we got engaged.
When we got married, we both had our favorite shovels, I with Bessie, he with Thor. We were at the chapel of the local Methodist Church. Why Methodist? Because whenever I choose to get married, I choose Methodist.
I ran down the aisle in my red Spice Girls tennis shoes. Most people thought I ran because I was nervous. It was really because I had just finished off a rather nasty group of zombies and there were still a bunch of wriggly parts in the lobby and I didn't want them to stain my white dress.
It's been all love and Pigs and zombie slaying ever since.


Linda said...

You're a riot! Is that a Sand Dollar necklace I spy?!?

tracyb said...

I love your dress, and Jessica's. When I got married, I chose the Presbyterians . . . cuz they were the only one's who would take us on such short notice!

kristinknits said...

Hey ... do you think the barfing came from consuming TWO large chocolate letter Ps? I'm just sayin'!

Holly Bee said...

Sand Dollar, Yes!!! It was my Grandma's!

Thanks for the dress love!

Ah, the barfing...the P's, the cake, yeah, the kid isn't supposed to eat after 6 either.

Knit and fall back in it said...

It's not a party until somebody barfs.