Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Knitscene...It's so fun

I don't know why I do it. I keep checking out the Knitscene gallery. Eeeck. It's bad, bad, bad.

So, as noted in comments from a previous post "I will never go hungry again!" Wait, that's from Gone with the Wind.

I mean I will knit something from this most recent issue that is full of "work-horse knits that fit into everyday life and can become funky or trendy through styling."

Then we will have our own Gallery, and mock it mercilessly. We will have no Yes-Men! There will be no "it looks awesome on you Holly, Amy,Tracy, Alice, Shelly, Erika, Shannon, Emily, Linda, Kristina, Kristin, Carina, Marty, Alice, Jennifer, Trish, Sarah, Kaitie, Laura, Mary, Kait, Kate, Martha, Jackie, Laura.

Because it won't!!! It will look good on like 2 of you, maybe.

dirndl raglan...that's what I'm knittin'

Ok, maybe none of you because I'm knitting it!! Sound fun?


tracyb said...

For sure the only thing it would do for me is make me look pregnant. No thanks, - but I bet it will look good on you :)

Kristina said...

Are you really knitting that raglan thing?!

If so, I have some chainmail sitting around which would look really good with it...

Holly Bee said...

Yes, I will be knitting the raglan thing...I'm taking one for the team!

I'm also going to require that all models wear a viking helmet while trying on said sweater.

Carina said...

I kind of like that one, but I agree with TracyB--that line across my belly will just make it worse.

Oh, and why did they name it that? I thought a dirndl was that corset-like outer garment that you wear over a shift that makes your boobs bigger and more out there.

Knit and fall back in it said...

But where would you find an ugly camo skirt to wear with it?

Holly Bee said...

Are you kidding? I've got like 3 in my closet! No, wait, there's a 4th. Dang those things breed like Tribbles. I'll send you one.