Monday, July 14, 2008

Knitscene Comments

So I was checking out the Knitting Daily Gallery of the Ahlstrom Bodice. You know, where Sandi oh, here it is in Sandi Wiseheart's words...What's a Gallery? It's where I take the original sample garment from the magazine and persuade several women try it on and let me take their photo, to show you different varieties of fit and flatter. I provide individual commentaries for each picture, with suggestions for customization for each woman. There's only one garment for each design, so sometimes the sweater doesn't fit--that's where the commentaries get really interesting, as we explore why it doesn't fit, and how to alter it so it does fit!

So Please, go check out the gallery, and then see if you think what I wrote in the comments is too harsh.

Ok, I'm getting ready for the hate mail...I think it's awful. Points to the poo-naany, and makes the booty look big. But if you're into that, than hey, righteous sweater.

Again, ready for the hate the mail.


Holly Bee said...

Sadly, I will buy this magazine, because you know I love it.

Also sadly, I write this crap, and people don't know me and they think I am truly being a horrible person and I am over here laughing my ass off over saying that it points at the poo-naany! Waahahahaa.

Now, I'm feeling pretty crap because the designer will be all "poo-naany!!! what does that illiterate *&$%# know!!!"

Yeah. Poo-naany. I'm going to go watch Poetic Justice again.

Holly Bee said...

2 minute check up...already got me a group of haters! Even talking about the dreaded tight pants and camel toe!

That is why my friends, I should never leave the safety of my own little blog-o-sphere.

Linda said...

I don't know you and I don't think you're horrible. I think your hysterical! And honest. (The same has been said of me.) I think you're absolutely right about the Ahlstrom Bodice. Poo-naany! I think it looks equally horrible on all the models, with the exception of Toni.

mono loco said...

OMG!! I think that I've been blinded by the hideousness!

As a girl with itty bitty t**** and a big caboose -- I think that designs like that should be outlawed.

I'm with you Holly Bee - we all know that the girls have pooters. Their sweaters don't need to point it out. Maybe that particular design element would've been less obvious had the models worn skirts instead of pants (if they were going for a more "medieval" look, then that would've been the way to go).

Plus -- why oh why did they let them wear additional tops underneath when the sweater would've already been too tight!! Bag lady, anyone?

Kristina said...

Man, it's been a while since I heard the term "poo-nanny"!!!

I'm with you, more or less... and to me all the models but the first one look to be pretty much the same size, so I don't know what the big deal is with the "different women" gallery. The heaviest woman is thinner than anyone in the Big Girl Knits book and that book had some sweaters which looked MARVELLOUS on those models.

Carina said...

Oh, that thing looked just awful on pretty much everyone. Ugh. The point is odd (would look much cooler on the side to go asymetrical), the color is too muddy, and it's just all wrong in the front for most women.

And what is with the muddy browns and greens for fall? Fall should be about gold undertones and rust and jewel tones, not mud. Ick.

tracyb said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe you said "Poo-Nanny" in the comments! LOVE it! I agree, no one should wear something that points that out and unless you are stick shaped it does make your butt look big!

Heather Outside Boston said...

Yes, it's irredeemably awful! And thank you for saying so! (Sorry, I'll stop yelling now.) I can't believe people voted for it to even be in the gallery (unless the voters are a bunch of sadists). There seem to be a couple other patterns in the issue, so I'll end up buying it, but I'll have to figure out a way to avoid those pages completely.

Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

Are you starting more shit? Go, Holly!

Wow. That sweater is fugly *before* anyone even puts it on.

Holly Bee said...

Yes, I was starting more trouble.

But really, the whole Knitting Daily thing is out of control. Sandi has more Yes Men than I have Zombies to fight. It's wrong, and her posts are never funny. Well, those sweater galleries are funny as hell.

Ooooh, we should do one! Someone who has finished a sweater model it take photos and send it to your nearest Zombie Prom Date Knitter Friend so we can mock it. Oh, hell, I will knit something from this latest issue of Knitscene out of spite!!!

Linda said...

Better yet, send the garment so we can all try it on, take pics and mock it!