Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jane!!!! Come KNIT with US!!


You want it, we got it!

Ok, it's sort of in the middle of NO WHERE and you need BUG SPRAY but I probably won't get in a fight there, plus I'll bring blueberries.

Wednesday 3-5ish

Cold Brook Park

14467 East "MN" Avenue

Climax, MI

(269) 746-4270

I will bring h2o and blueberries, the pigs, bugspray, and a snarky attitude. If I get real ambitious there may be brownies, awwwwh yeah.

Pie from those blueberries? No, the Ogre is right in saying I am not patient enough to make crust and we are on an off week for grocery shopping. What does that mean? No store bought crust.
Besides, I think store bought tastes chemically, the Ogre, he's fine with it. I think chemically taste may force me to learn to be patient. Plus, PIE? Good stuff.
Really, it's fun. I'm serious about the bug spray. Also Spinsanity, I'll pack the lamp I've been promising you...
That's a dirty hugs and kisses


Knit and fall back in it said...

Climax, MI...really? That is going on my list of must-see cities.

Holly Bee said...

It's less a "city" and more a state of mind.