Thursday, July 03, 2008

I've got the Fever...Do I need more Cow Bell?

So, the 5k Cheetah Chase...LOVED IT!

We started with a healthy breakfast.

Much like camping, it poured. You know I love me some rain. It makes Pigs happy.

There were some issues though.

I raised money, and no one at registration knew what I was talking about when I went to turn in my funds. Yep. I was the only one turning in a donation. Seems I may win that zoo keeper for the day prize! SWEET. As long as I'm not mucking out the Cheetah habitat.

Also turns out, Runners, do not like Walkers. Seems Walkers mess with their time.

They will plow you over, and unlike bicyclists they will not shout "ON YOUR LEFT" or toot a pleasant little horn. They also don't have streamers. Lubed nips, but no streamers.

This problem could have been eliminated.
I don't know, maybe have the runners:

A. Start at the front
B. Start 15 minutes earlier than the Walkers
C. Line up on the left

Ok, what's up with conservation here zoo?

Simple remedy, it's inexpensive, saves time, it's called a recycle bin. Yes! You could have put a big bin or even several open top GARBAGE CANS just after the water stations and people could have tossed the water cups in. (I assume without messing up their time too harshly, I saw a lot of walkers, they would have been the change.)

We stopped to view the animals, from a distance.

Quick Pigs! Convert 2 miles into kilometers!!!!

Hey! Is that the end in site!!!

How do you feel??

How did you finish?

Really, we had a great time! We're signing up again for next year. Shelly! You bring the foodie, I'll bring the bug spray.

Pig 1 turned competitive all of a sudden. He asked how long we spent in the bathroom and if we could shave those 5 minutes off our time. I said yes, but we'd have to beat 1:17 then next year.

Oh, why was I crawling to the finish line? Pig 3 was carried for some portions of the walk. You do a 5k and carry a 50 pound weight. I'm actually thinking of setting up an obstacle course 5k, let's see if you punks can finish in less than 1:17. I think the guy from Survivor will be all over this idea.

Now, who's up for bringing their kids on a 5k walk with us?


Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

How bad is it that I laughed out loud (really!) at the comment count for the post ending in "Who's bringing their pigs for the next one?" (or something like that)? Zero. We're all wimps.

Except for you and Shelly and The Pigs and the rest of the runners and walkers. Zoo are HEROES!... all of you. Aside from those who threw their cups on the ground. Assholes.

kristina said...

You have way too much energy, my dear. I get tired reading your blog ;)