Monday, July 14, 2008

I still do knit, when I can

Currently I am sitting in a chair. Whole explanation later. But, yes, sitting. Not slaying zombies,not burning dinner, not drinking, not knitting, not a thing but sitting.

You would be correct in assuming it's due to all the recent AWESOME.

But I am knitting this sweater called 'Helena' from knitty for baby Adelyn!

But wait! Mine is not the completed green one, mine is the squat tiny grey one.

Look at the angry. I'm angry because my legs are huge and my body is tiny.

Why isn't my chest huge? Why the giant legs? I'm not plowing fields, I'm knitting. Ah, I'm built for zombie slaying. Ok, ok, I admit, I spend a fair amount of time running in a zig zag pattern away from the zombie horde. That does really build up the ole leg muscles.

Plus when dancing at weddings, I dips it looow. You need big legs for that too.

Yes, yes, I have wedding photos. But like I said, in chair, not moving, you'll have to wait.


Elizabeth said...

I totally took that first picture. Keep zombie slaying, works the glutes too. ;)

Holly Bee said...

Thank you dear sweet Elizabeth for taking one of the few good photos on my evil camera!!!

I often wonder how good ones sneak in!!!

Kristina said...

Fabulous tie-dye!

And your legs aren't as big as my stomach... sigh.

tracyb said...

hey Holly, what yarn are you knitting that little baby sweater with?

Holly Bee said...

Thank you on the tye dye's my ravelry shirt!

As for the yarn, it's dream in color smooshy. Very nice, I believe it's barf green color.

Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

A chair? Wow, I didn't know harrassing magazine people could get you sent to the electric chair?!? Oh, Snotty One!

Jeebus, that camera.

Bec said...

Deary, I think your legs look fine. The angle is giving your the wrong impression.

I made that little sweater for my niece. The sleeves are short though. And it looked kind of dress like so I am making an under-skirt to go with it. Take a peek

Holly Bee said...

Bec! Mine's going to have short sleeves too!

I LOVE the buttons on yours, they look so sweet.