Friday, July 11, 2008

Cake, Glorious, CAKE!

Cake, glorious cake! It's the start to a wonderful life!

Cake, glorious cake! It says "Hey! You're a Wife!"

Cake, glorious cake! Leave cake a year in the freezer? Not in this here family!

Who started that stupid tradition?
Not after any of my weddings...more like a week.

Wait awhile to get, only if you aren't sure.

Babies? If yer legally hitched, it's time to help me in repopulated the earth after that last zombie invasion!

What? There was no big zombie invasion? Uh, it's on the news all the time. That big media guy George Romero? Those are movies? Huh. I guess the Pigs and I are just part of the OVER POPULATION problem, and not part of the solution after all.

Oh, well! Cake, glorious cake!


tracyb said...

My husband and I like to think we just reproduced ourselves with one to spare!

Linda said...

You're just doing what some of us can't. You go Girl! :)

Carina said...

Man, now I want cake. Is that place by Fabrications as good as their website looks?

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, Cake!
I hope it's chocolate. If not chocolate I'd like a cold beer, please...the Dire Weather Report is calling for high 80's.
Holly's Dad

Holly Bee said...

Confection is even better than the photos! All natural and all butter baby!

The photo I used was from their site!!! Love them!

High 80' au naturale deodarant and polyester paisley dress are currently praising the dire weather report...I may have caught fire.

Knit and fall back in it said...

That truly is a glorious cake.

Anonymous said...

Holly, you were absolutely stunning in your paisley dress and your escort looked like the perfect little gentleman. Harry is so much fun to have along as company.
Holly's Dad