Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The 4th, it was Rockin'

The Fourth started with a bang with the news of baby Adelyn!

No, I haven't gotten to see the babe, the happy family lives in North Carolina and alas, we live here in the Mitten. I'd like to point out, if I'd knit Michigan, it would have no thumb.

Turns out, I like Kidlets as much as I like Piglets! Look who turned up for Grange Fun!

The After Party....

Can you believe the line up for free hot dogs? Do those people know what those things are made of? The irony of them lining up to eat something that was lined up to be slaughtered. Funny stuff that irony.

Who cooks death like no other? The Ogre of course!

Need a vacation after your 4th of July? Grange Raffle tickets...Top prize $2000 travel gift certificate.

God bless the...spinning instructor is what the rest of that sign says. Really. It did.

Teach yourself to knit table...

This is my new friend Julie Camp. She said "I didn't get a single photo of me at the Grange Parade. I wish I knew someone with a camera..."

"JULIE!!!!! You know me!!! I always have a camera!! I happen to have one in my pocket! Let's go!"

So, the evil camera, Julie and I went on a Grange Parade photo op scouting adventure. I decided that the John Deere with the Flag attached pretty much nailed the spirit of the Grange. Ok, that and the Pony was already in use.


tracyb said...

Is that one of those little eight ounce pops the ogre is holding? It must be, because his hand eclipses it.

I love the learn to knit table! Did you man it? Way to spread the fun!

Linda said...