Thursday, July 03, 2008

4 th of July Parade in Newton Twp-Battle Creek

You've heard about it, you've always wanted to be part of it, why not just join in? Here's how!!

Home Grange Community 4th of July Parade!!!

Where: 8 1/2 mile road and B dr South
When : 10 am-line up to be in the parade

Parade Starts at 11 am and looks like this....

Really, if you have a bike, a dog, a car, a pig, a pony, a lawn tractor, a classic car, a tractor, a chicken costume, political aspirations, or all of the above, come on down, we've seen it all. Just make sure you decorate it, and throw out candy.

If you'd prefer to watch, bring a lawn chair and set up at the Grange Hall-Located at 9 1/2 Mile road and B dr south. No, these places don't have official addresses. I kid you not.

From Lakeview Square Mall in Battle Creek, Go South on M66,
Turn East (left) at the stop light at B drive South. Follow this until you get to either 8 1/2 mile for line up or 9 1/2 mile for watching.

They've got free hot dogs (cooked by the Ogre himself!!!) and free soda down at the Grange Hall after the Parade!!!

Plus, last year they had PONIES!!!

Keep in mind, Grangers love cake...

The After Party will include:

The Hot Dogs
The Soda
The freeness

Antique Gasoline Engines on display. These are old and cool and neat

Free Knitting instruction! Well, if you can call what I do instruction.
Possible spinning instruction depending on flood levels in the general Battle Creek area
Free Flag Pins!
Free Erasers! (no pencils, you might poke your eye out kid)

Bring a chair, enjoy the fun!


tracyb said...

11 o'clock has to be the smartest time I've heard of to start a parade. The girls are walking their dogs in the Alpena parade, and we've got to be there at 8 freaking 30!

Linda said...

Ponies?!! I want to go!

Holly Bee said...

Yes, an 11 O'clock parade with Ponies and knitting!!! It's so cool.

Carol said...

Chicken costume? Someone has a chicken costume? Pictures! I demand pictures!

Holly Bee said...

If memory serves, the person in the chicken costume was for a politician, and it may have been for Wenke. Nice, right?

I will see if anyone has photos!!!

Kristina said...

Very cool parade - I hope and trust a good time was had by all!!!