Wednesday, June 18, 2008

You want me to go buy yarn?

It's Wednesday, we've been to the Kalamazoo Bird Sanctuary, Downtown Kalamazoo, which included the Olde Peninsula Brew Pub, Terrapin, awesome new shoes from V&A Bootery.

For me, not the Pigs-I needed adventure shoes to keep up with the Pigs on all of our darn ADVENTURES!

At the rate we are going, I'm geussing the tread will be worn off of these by mid July. Really.

Then I finished, as well as I finish anything, my first square for the Hopps for Hope Green and Orange blanket!
How did I know it was done? Well, it was square, and I ran out of yarn. Problem with that? It's only 10 x 10 not the required 12 x 12.
Luckily, the Ogre isn't only pretty, he's smart. The mighty Ogre suggested I put a 1 inch border around the square, thus making it the required size. He even recommended using green. What a brilliant idea!
Sadly, yes, sadly, I have no green yarn of similar weight, or superwash ability. Do you know what this means? Do you? DO YOU? The Ogre has basically told me I need to go to a yarn the name of charity no less!
So, I'm thinking I may have to check out this new scene...
Fabrications is a small family-owned shop in Richland, Michigan.
Fabrications specializes in natural fiber fabrics, yarn, notions, books and classes.
We recently relocated to the new Clocktower Green Complex just north of the Village of Richland
Whether you need to fill your desire to add to your fabric or yarn stash, or just need buttons, zippers and other sewing/knitting notions, please stop on by to see us. Our classes will be starting again in the fall, so be sure to check back for updates.

Location: 8860 North 32nd Street Richland, Mi 49083
Hours: Monday - Friday 10am- 5pm, Saturday 10am - 4 pm
Contact us: 269.629.01901.877.629.0190
Cool, right? Plus, check out this place...Confection in the same complex. I must make sure they are open when I stop in! Sweet, sweet fat arse, here I come!
What did I start knitting because I couldn't finish my square? A green and orange shawl...for me. I was feeling inspired by our afgan project. You know those are my favorite colors.


Kristina said...

I'm finally caught up with your blog, but my typing fingers cannot move fast enough to document the fabulousness that is you! You rock. (So does Em's lace a few posts back, by the way)!



Carina said...

I saw that on the way home from my mom's house last time. They were closed. :( I'm going to head up there on Friday, though. I figure that, since Mom wants to meet halfway, I could convince her to meet more on her end and then I get a yarn shop trip. *insert evil laugh here*

Linda said...

I could so move back to the Frozen Tundra for a Specialty Bake shop like that! Butt big enough to put a coffee mug on here I come!

Holly Bee said...

Really, I have dark circles under my eyes, and I have gained weight and it's only the first week of summer vacation. I'm so tired.

Not complaining! I love fun!

We were no where near Richland today, so I was forced to go into a different yarn shop, and forced to get the Pigs ice cream at Bella Creamery instead. But can you believe that Bakery??? I can't wait to get out to Fabrications. I may get a Pig sitter...

Knit and fall back in it said...

Going to the yarn store was the Ogre's idea? wow.