Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Why Don't I Knit More? I wrestle Pigs and Goats!

What's been keeping me from knitting? You mean besides the normal zombie slaying activities and the burning of the fatted lamb?

Well, Pig 2 managed to negotiate the treacherous waters of Kindergarten.

Yes, the Ogre and I are now the proud parents of two Kindergarten graduates. Let's keep that graduation record unspotted...Pig 3, you better check yourself, before you wreck yourself.

For those who haven't heard, that particular song is currently Pig 3's favorite Ice Cube song. He's very old school. He's also been begging me to buy him some Adidas.

Now some knitting. You know how, Whitney Houston once sang "I believe the children are the future" then she said crack is wack and fell into a dumpster, so I'm just saying believe the song writer, not the singer.

See, Em thought it was funny. She did this for her English final project! Amazing! It's the Alpine Lace Scarf from Victorian Lace Today. But get this, not only did she knit this amazing beast, but she spun the yarn for it too! It's bamboo to boot! Check for more details at her blog.

High Fives all around Em!

What next? Attacked by goats at the Kindergarten Binder Park Zoo Field Trip!!

I had to call in the Goat Whisperer to get me and my chaperonees out of the Children's Zoo.

After we left the zoo, this chased us home.

Then Pig 3 turned 4. Sooo, back to the zoo!

Since he's no longer a baby, he's now part of the pack.

When asked by a fellow zoo goer
"Mom, how do you feel about this?" This was my response:

The next day, was Pig 1's 8th birthday. What do you do for the sophisticated boy of 8? You take him out of school at 11 and go for Sushi of course.

His first Japanese soda...

Where do you think we went next? Zoo? Come on, not with this kid, we had sushi for lunch. Barnes and Noble.

Then for gifts...Bones Rock! Everything you need to know to be a Paleontologist.
Yes, wrapped in a bandanna. I don't know if it actually specifically says "kid you are going to need a bandanna" in the book, but every damn paleontologist I've ever seen is wearing one. Just trying to be supportive of the dream man.

Now, what was I knitting? Something simple, no lace, easy repeat.

Yes, I'm knitting an Orange Square for our Hopps Blanket. It's actually a Lion Brand Wash Cloth Pattern, and I'm calling it...Filler.

Why Filler? Because you are all going to make beautiful awesome squares, and sometimes you just need a few filler, background squares to help those others shine even more! So, Filler.


Linda said...

To Pig 2, Congratulations on Graduating! Way to go Dude!
To Pig 3, Happy Birthday! You survived another year. Not an easy feat with 2 older brothers!
To Pig 1, Happy Birthday to you too! Quite the sophisticated little man aren’t you?! Sushi and paleontologist books! Keep up the good example!

tracyb said...

Congratulations to Pig 2! And to you too, getting two through kindergarten is quite an accomplishment. I'm off to the store to buy some superwashy yarn for the Hopps Blankie!

Knit and fall back in it said...

Happy birthday to pigs 1 & 3 and a huge congratulations to Pig 2. Kindergartin is tough, but you did it, man. Way to go.

Anonymous said...

yea from cousin toady...we sure have some nice looking kids in our family. and they are all so smart. everyone start the vacations....i am leaving for pwter on sun. stop for a hot dog. love to all...

Holly Bee said...

Hurrah for Pentwater! Don't taunt me with hotdogs, we may just show up!

Lot's of love :) Have fun up there!

Thanks for all the compliments everyone! I'm proud of my Pigs!

Kristina said...

But did you knit that graduation cap?! Gotta say I like the red. I found kindergarten very traumatising myself as I didn't learn how to tie my shoes until the end of the year and had my name under a sad face on the blackboard the whole time. Should send Mrs. Trono my therapy bill, really. :-)