Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What did I do on World Wide Knit in Public Day???

We took the Pigs to the Vicksburg Old Car Festival on World Wide Knit in Public Day (WWKIP).
The Ogre tried to keep the Pigs clean and in line.

This left me ample time to make friends,

This is Banjo Guy

ask questions and well, make a general ass of myself.

I was asked at one point not to lick the Nash. I said "but I love it so much!"

I was then told if I love it that much I will be thrown into here...

and the hood would be shut until I could behave. Yeah. I wasn't even threatened by the Ogre, this was by the car owner. It was all in good fun, I think.

Then I really got in trouble when I yelled out "where the hell are all the cool cars? I haven't seen a single Auburn, Cord,

Karman Ghia, or


I was gently reminded that we lived in the land of the Big 3 and that maybe I lived closer to Kansas than California, and that my cool friends probably all had to sell their cool cars and they too were probably driving cars with safety restraints and car seats by now.

Uh, yeah. Last I heard even Shanda traded in that sweet Fastback for a more suitable VW Bus. Rock on Shanda. No way, Fight the Man. I hope you got that Fastback, back.

So, knitting, where were the knitting and I? In everyone of those photos. But I especially liked our lunch we had at the new little Cafe in Vicksburg-

Good to Go Cafe
120 E. Prairie St
Vicksburg, MI 49097
(269) 649-9790
fax (269) 649-9795

They have wifi too! Anyway, super delicious, homemade, the way you want homemade to be. They Cater too! Oh, they also have soups and salads and a whole other side to their menu, plus fruit cups, and yogurt parfaits, and man, now I'm hungry.

So, if I turn up missing, and you don't suspect foul play, check here. I am smitten. They've got chipotle mayo! I'm in love. Now if I could just get Tony Stark and Stan Lee to meet me for lunch there...

But wait, that was only the first three hours of WWKIP day!
Then Pig 1 and I sold water for the Cub Scouts!

Being responsible, we also took empties.

I also had a favorite knit spot doing that!

As downtown Vicksburg as you can get. Under the traffic light, right in the middle of the intersection. Awwwh yeah!

Ok, I only got my knitting out and did like 2 stitches. But I was helping the Pig sell water. It was 1 million degrees, and the 'Burg had just put down new black top.

So, good call on selling H2O Cub Scouts! Those people were hot!

I also know it's officially summer no matter what the calendar says, my feet have their birken-stripes already, and my Tigers hat is good and smelly.


Carina said...

Wow--that place sounds great! I'm going to have to eat there now. Maybe when I go to Noreen's to get eggs sometime this week (I hope--I have to call her tonight).

No wonder you didn't make it to Marshall. You were booked all day!

Linda said...

Do you use rechargable Energizer Batteries? Oh that's right. you're under 30. You just keep going and going....Way to GO!

Knit and fall back in it said...

That banjo guy doesn't seem as happy to be there as you were.

Holly Bee said...

We ended up in Marshall, just not until later...yeah, non stop insanity.

Wait! I am over thirty! I just say I'm 29 so often, everyone believes it now!!!

What is my secret? It's not plenty of sleep and exercise. I think it's a hearty pot of coffee in the am, and a nice bottle of wine in the pm.

Linda said...

I repeat: I think we're twins from different mothers, born on different days, in different years, seperated at birth:)