Thursday, June 19, 2008

Swatching Picnic Areas...We did that for You

Yesterday we test picnicked Cold Brook Park or shall we say, swatched?
Picnic shelter

Photo is crooked because I was running, not because the building is crooked. I was running to keep up with the Pigs. They were having a heck-a good time.

Play ground...tested by all in our party...even me...that is not a smile...look of pain

The park is by a lake. But you would have to not pay attention for a looong time, and have a kid that really wanted get into 15 feet of prickers before they got to actual water.

Jen, there are bathrooms. The bathrooms are open, they are pretty clean, they don't stink, and

the sinks have soap. I checked all that out too. Yep, I care that much.

Wednesdays 3pm Starting July

We are also looking to do some knitting in Richland at FABRICATIONS! in the Clock Tower Green Complex.

The Ogre and I had mad fun making "SAVE THE CLOCK TOWER" jokes. Yeah, then I showed him the Confection bakery site. How can they put so much awesome in one place???

Speaking of awesome

The trip to the park wore the Pigs out enough that I was able to stop into Stitching Memories and pick up one skein of yarn. Yes, I went into Stitching Memories, in Portage and only bought one skein of Mission Falls.

Ok, I meant to buy only one skein, but that other stuff came home with me. But it's for Charity! It's for a good cause! It's machine wash! It's for Hope Lodge! How can the Ogre say no to that???

Oh, the Crochet Magazine? He just bought 3 Fantasy Football magazines, he has no room to talk. It's like Nerd V Nerd all the time at our house.


tracyb said...

Damn, how'd you score all the pretty Encore? I found ONE skein of green in 3 different stores! No orange! I'm gonna check downstate though. Maybe up here they don't like orange.

Linda said...

Me Too! 3 stores, ONE skein green, no Orange! I had to order it online. Can you believe it? We're talking Lion Brand Wool-Ease here folks!
Good job HB. Jungle gym, pretty scenery and bathrooms too. All the comforts of the hut!

Kristina said...

Swatching parks! You slay me, woman. The yarn looks fab.

Knit and fall back in it said...

Nice bathrooms :)