Thursday, June 05, 2008

Max Brooks is Totally Awesome-Thank you KPL

Sometimes, like camping

things don't go as planned. I meant to be the ultimate fangirl and be at the Library at 4:45, but the Ogre got called to a small zombie out break in sector 3 and had to do some serious clean up. Apparently, it was nasty.

So, when I got to Kalamazoo Public Library, it already looked like this...

I mean inside, it looked like this...

I would like to note that although late, I put up some serious effort. That boy with mohawk, I saw him saunter in while I was heading to the park.

Why the park? I was not going to waste time or gas dinking around looking for a near by parking spot, oh, no friends, this was Max Brooks, there would be no close by parking!!!

I ran! The whole way, from the park. Hey! Don't give me that. You know I don't exercise unless cake provided by a coffee shop is involved. Plus if you ever see me on my bike you would never accuse me of exercising you'd say

"Oh, Dang, Girl's on her way to get some cake."

"That or she's throwing zombie parts in the ditch."

Then I saw Carina, knitting away in the hall next to mohawk boy. You know how knitters love us some punk rock!

Then I got to feel a little bit celebrity myself when Lisa of KPL said "We were looking for you!!! We read your blog!"

In true Snot fashion, we posed for a photo. Turns out, she's also a knitter!!! Yes, I handed out my card. Actually, not one, but two. I was getting a bit giddy.
The first hallway photo, was the antechamber, this was the actual "you are almost to the Awesome!" hallway.

This is actually someone my dad knows, she's super nice...
Example 1. Fan
Example 2. Kidney Donor!!!

Look!!! At 8:00 we made it into the sacred room of AWESOME to get out books signed by
Mr Max Brooks!!!

Oooh, chairs made from bowling balls! Fancy!

I have it from a reliable source (KPL Staff) that this room holds 175 people. It was packed. Really. Marty got the last seat inside. There were roughly an additional 75 people outside in the hall (I can vouch for that-I counted)

So, if you want to make a Zombie Movie in have many willing extras in the Kalamazoo County area.

Or, if you attempt to make a Zombie Movie in Kalamazoo please give us plenty of warning, we may attack you with I almost did to the guys at the gas station last fall.

Look! Look!!!

Our newest member of Zombie Prom Date Knitters!

Max Brooks is totally awesome. His how to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse talk was both humorous and intelligent. He was gracious, quick on his feet and knew how to work a crowd.

By the time we got to him he had signed 1 billion books and his arm had to have needed iced down and yet he still put up with our knitting shenanigans.

After Carina had her stuff signed, I heard him say "make sure the baby gets up here next." As a mother of 3 Pigs myself, that was the flaming zombie head on the torch.

Top notch KPS, top notch!!

Now, about that quirky knitting thing...let's go whole hog!

Debbie Stoller Son of a Stitch 'n Bitch came out Nov, 2007


tracyb said...

Oooo, he's so cute! And he let the person with kids cut the line? How awesome is he? Looks like you had a blast!

Carina said...

I was thinking maybe they could host a Knit/Crochet Out in September to start with. That would be fun, and then we'd have a safe spot if it rains.

Deb Stoller would be cool, though. I'd bet the knitting and crochet guilds in Kalamazoo would help, too.

Linda said...

Way Cool! You look fab baby! Looks like you had a great time.

Knit and fall back in it said...

What a cutie, looks like you had a great time. I trust that the Ogre was able to secure Sector 3.

Carol said...

I looked and looked for you, Holly. :( I was knitting a green sock and Max was kind enough to pose with it for me. Photo is in my flickr account (easy to access through my Ravelry page). I also posed with Rams (aka Susan) who will be going to WWKIP in Toronto for the Yarn Harlot's 40th blowout. Dang, I wish I'd been able to hang around longer, but I had to pick up husband from WMU.