Saturday, June 07, 2008

Knitting for a Good's just a little thing

Soo, the Zombie Prom Date Knitters were thinking of doing a project together, something for the good of the order, something to help others, but also something, that was, well, something.

So, we thought, and thought, and well, with some brainstorming (with not a zombie in sight) and team work we came up with this...

Tracyb is our Team Captain, leader, sponsor, Rizzo, and inspiration for this are the details from her blog Yarnaholic

Barbara J. Hopps Memorial-Blanket Squares for Hope Lodge

In October of the year 2000, I lost my sister to cancer. She had cervical cancer. She hadn't gotten a pap smear in nine years, and the last one she had was abnormal. She was afraid to get another one. If she had gotten another one within a year, I have no doubt she would be alive right now. But she didn't and her cancer spread and she died. I miss her so much. She was 21 years older than me, but by the time I grew up, she was my best friend.

So, when Holly asked for ideas for a summer charity project and who we should do it for, I thought first of Holly's beloved green and orange, the afghan swap I' m currently participating in and of cervical cancer and how it's a preventable disease.

Most charities lump cervical cancer research in with other women's cancer, which is understandable because as I said, at least cervical cancer is preventable. Get your pap smear ladies, every year! Every six months if you have abnormal ones. And consider getting your daughters the vaccine. Read up on it. I know it's new, so research is important.

But anyway, Holly (she's an old pro at this charity knitting gig) suggested donating our little afghan to the Hope Lodge. Cancer sucks in general, any kind. So I've given my little spiel on cervical cancer, and we'll donate our blankie to the Hope Lodge in memory of Barbara J. Hopps, who by the way, would have totally loved the idea of a green and orange afghan!

If you want to knit-a-long we are making this thing out of worsted weight washable wool. In other words, a wool/acrylic blend or superwash wool.

As mentioned above the colors are orange and green. Any shade is fine. The more variety the better!

The squares need to be about 12 inches. Any pattern will work, once again variety is the spice of life!And the deadline is Labor Day!

I don't know where we will be sending them or how we are sewing the thing up but we have lots of time to think about that. I just wanted to get the word out there.

If you have any questions, you can find us at Zombie Prom Date Knitters Group on Ravelry. Right now we are posting about it under "summer ideas". Or leave a comment here.

Thanks. Hug your people.

Excited! Rereading this on Labor Day Weekend?
Here are the quick details:

Summer 2008-Blanket in Memorial of Barbara J. Hopps

Squares sized 12 x 12

Material-worsted weight washable wool-for example wool acrylic blend like Plymouth Encore, or
superwash wool

Colors-Orange or green-any shade, really any shade!

Pattern-make it sassy, make it plain-we're just working together to make someone's day
and honor Barbara J. Hopps.

End Date: Labor Day 2008

Drop off Location: To be determined-if you are Kalamazoo/Battle Creek Local please leave a comment here and we can work something out.

Sew together: Multiple Volunteers have volunteered!! I'm thinking Sewing Bee!

Final Location: Hope Lodge, Grand Rapids, MI


tracyb said...

I like sewing bee! I want to help put it together, I'm sure somehow after labor day I can get over to that side of the state or at least meet somewhere in the middle! Thanks for posting my little spiel!

tracyb said...

P.S. - I always wanted to be Rizzo, really I'm more like the ditzy one who drops out of beauty school!

Holly Bee said...

I am working under the impression that we are GOING to have to have a Giant Midstate Zombie Prom Date Sewing Bee!!! Everyone wants to help out with this one!!!

I know I'm Frenchy too! But Rizzo is sooo cool! So you get to be her for the summer!

I'm working on a Orange Superwash square right now! Ok, not right now. Not right, right now, I'm drinking coffee and listening to disney show tunes. Because I can.

Linda said...

Can I help? It would be a crocheted square(s) but I'd love to contribute.

Knit and fall back in it said...

I'm in, I have just the perfect ball of superwash for the job.

Holly Bee said...

Crochet! Yes, lovely! Send them our way! The more love the better!

Thank you all in advance! This is really awesome!

Chris said...

Count me in to make a square and to help sew (if I don't have an eventon the day you choose)! What yarn are you guys using? Brand? Washable. Would my Grandma's Blessing work in a triple strand o something?

Holly Bee said...

Any brand (big love on the Briar Rose!) as long as it's washable :)

Thank you! Thank you!!!