Friday, June 13, 2008

Knit-O-Rama and the Gyro

I'm pretty excited about my recent knitting project. It's machine wash, which is great for taking places. You know, the beach, the zoo, the bar, bike riding. Probably not the bar and then bike riding, things might not end well. That whole same road, same rule same rights also applies to buzzed riding, is drunk riding.

Plus, how lame would it be to be put in the slammer and say "yeah, I was pulled over for riding while intoxicated." Then explaining that this is your ride.

Yes, the Townie Daisy and Drunk Riding should never mix. But really, it gets infinity mpg. (I couldn't find the infinity sign, as much as I looked for those 2 grueling seconds)

Knitting, right. What am I so excited about? What is so summer friendly I can take it anywhere? How can you find such knitting joy? Why look no further what I like to call Filler!

It's my square for the Hopps for Hope,

Barbara J. Hopps Memorial Blanket for Hope Lodge project!

For those of you wondering why we chose orange and green, check out my closet...

You're lucky we're not asking that you knit blue paisley.

Why do I feel so good about knitting? It brings people together! Like it did here!

Look! A Beer Sweater!!! Ahh, never have your beer swiped again!

Hey Morrissey! Put this in your mouth and chew on it!

So, you want to join in? Yeah, even Morrissey came over to the dark side of knitting. He was all, "you know, meat is murder, but dang, one round of Ouzo, and I'm all Opa! this and gyro that, can you pass that leg of lamb?"

Good times!


Kathryn said...

Is that a daishiki in your closet?! (or are you just happy to see me?)

Holly Bee said...

No, it's a very conservative blue dress, made of sensible, breathible and fire resistant fabric.

And I am happy to see you...

tracyb said...

Oh man! You are knitting on the Harmony needles aren't you? I'm so jealous! I'm calling Joe right now and making him let me use the credit card on the computer to order yarn stuff! Love the orange.

Knit and fall back in it said...

I got a square done, as we discussed before, it is neither orange or green at this point. Gonna remedy that tomorrow.