Thursday, June 12, 2008

Knit, Knit Funky

Knit! Boy, golly did we!

There were like, uh, 20 people there at Theo and Stacy's.
Knitting, eating, drinking, and Opa!ing...lot's of Opa!ing.

What, you think I forgot my camera? Never. I just have to locate it. Yeah, it was that much fun.

So for summer Zombie Prom Date Knitters week day outings, we are thinking of taking it to the park...taking it to the streets. Because that song won't get old, in your head, all day, that one line.

Plans, to be announced, here and at Ravelry.

As for June, New Years Resolution Update, Prize winner-like my resolutions, I am also pretty crappy at following through with random drawings. Soo, we will have to wait until I feel like finding a hat, putting in the names, selecting a winner and then contacting the winner. Please don't wait all on pins and needles. It might leave marks.

And finally...Please remember to...

KNIT IN PUBLIC this Saturday!!!!

Take your knitting with you everywhere (like you already don't)

Take 5 minutes out of your shopping, and sit down and...knit!

Don't knit? Pull out that crochet and hook it up friend! We are all living la vida loco fibre!

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Knit and fall back in it said...

Knitting in the park sounds like fun. It's already too hot to do anything like that here. sigh.