Monday, June 09, 2008

I've got my Share of the Crop

Have you signed up for you local CSA? I've got mine through Avalon Farms Homegrown.

What!? You don't know what CSA means. Huh, let's get you some learnin'

Here's what the cool people at Local Harvest have to say

A CSA, (for Community Supported Agriculture) is a way for the food buying public to create a relationship with a farm and to receive a weekly basket of produce. By making a financial commitment to a farm, people become "members" (or "shareholders," or "subscribers") of the CSA. Most CSA farmers prefer that members pay for the season up-front, but some farmers will accept weekly or monthly payments. Some CSAs also require that members work a small number of hours on the farm during the growing season.

A CSA season typically runs from late spring through early fall. The number of CSAs in the United States was estimated at 50 in 1990, and has since grown to over 1000.

Don't worry! This isn't just some freaky Michigan thing! Local Harvest is for all of the United States.

You can search for the nearest Farmers Market, fresh eggs (hey Noreen!) and get this my fiber-y buddies, people who have yarn, fiber, and the people who raise the animals that provide these goodies. Oh, yes, friends, oh, yes.

Local Harvest, fun for food, and fiber. I'm talking Fiber in the granola way and in the wooly way.

Dear Canadian Friends,

I only have this for you...

"We are not aware of
a single service listing
Farmers Markets
across Canada

I'm sorry.


Linda said...

Ya for local farms! Our local farm The Happy Berry is the best The have blue, black and raspberries, figs, grapes and fresh free range eggs! And the friendliest staff. Love to going there to pick my own blueberries.

tracyb said...

What does that mean about Canada? Do they not even have Farmer's Markets? Impossible!

CJ said...

Oh, I love my local CSA!! We get to try stuff I would never have thought about plus fresh local organic foods. I got some organic free range eggs last time.....YUMMO! you can really taste the different.

Kinda sad about Canada....guess I can't move there after all

Knit and fall back in it said...

We have a great local farm where we buy all of our produce. There's no other way to do it.

Kristina said...

They have everything in the US... sigh.

No, actually, to answer Tracy's question there are lots of farmers' markets here - even in Toronto, the Big Smoke where there are 20 or so in local parts and one large one running Monday through Saturday. ;-)

There is also something along the lines of what Holly describes (delivery of organics). It's called Green Earth Organics, I think (although the only things I get delivered are pizza, Chinese and Indian, so can't say for certain, LOL)!

Carina said...

Unfair! I have to wait until tomorrow!