Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ironman, Stan Lee and Being a Dirty Nerd

I have a big dirty crush on Tony Stark.

Not on Robert Downey Jr., but Tony freaking Stark. We saw Ironman awhile ago, and I can't stop thinking about it. You know I'm a big dorky fangirl, but this is getting out of hand.

Stan Lee is my hero, and well, he's on my list, you know, the list. Right, the list. He's GOD, no he is MARVEL COMICS and for that, well, I'd do that. Oh, hell, he's Stan Lee.

Gwenth Paltrow was all babe-alicious girl next door, super smart and didn't take any crap. Plus she had her natural body intact. I don't know, I think you'd call her, a, uh, ROLE MODEL?

But Ironman was TOPS! As in comic book, fangirl , pron, yarn, girl power, cashmere, gush, war is bad, awesome. I have to go change clothes.

I'm serious! Go. Now. See it. Relive the whole Robert Downey Jr. you were a teen in the 80's thing. You know you're still rooting for him. And, he's been working out.

Hell, make it a double feature and see the Sex in the City movie. It's like it's our time to shine, our time to shine.

Now, go pack your bag full of knitting and milk duds and go to the theatre. You deserve a day off.

Hugs and kisses,
Big Dirty Comic Book Loving Snotty Knitter
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Mono loco said...

And to think that while watching "Less Than Zero", we all thought "Man, that Robert Downey Jr. is going to crash and burn and never be seen again, while that other guy is going to be a star for a long, long time". My husband and I talked about this after having seen Iron Man this weekend and neither of us could remember who the "other guy" was who was going to be the big star. Go RD Jr!! You go my sexy, sexy, nerdy, sober man!!

Dee's brother said...

Holy crap Holly..settle down. Gesh...I can feel the steam all the way down here! Cold shower girl....cold shower!

Linda said...

LOL! Girl you are the bomb!

tracyb said...

It's ok. I have a big dirty crush on Bono. He's on my list.