Monday, June 23, 2008

International Cakey Goodness? If it's Orange and Green!

Look! I wasn't kidding! squares are being completed!

Knit and fall back in it! She's bad, She's Nationwide! Reporting in from Oklahoma!

FatCatCrochet...No photo update...but working on a 4th???

Tracyb, I'm getting scared.

This might be worse than a zombie invasion! I'm good with a shovel, but not so hot with a chibi.


I'm talking about the Canadians! We're Nationwide, but I've heard rumors we're going International.

Yeah, Kristina of Bespoke by Brouhaha fame, all the way from Toronto is making a square!

Next thing you know the Yarnharlot will be wanting to send a square because we've got Bespokebybrouhaha on our side! Everyone wants to be a member of the Toronto Zombie Prom Date Knitters Chapter!

Crickey! We're going to have so many squares we're going to need reinforcements!

Or maybe a bigger cake!

Did I mention now have PRIZES!!!

( I mean once you get ZZ Top doing your theme song...I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide-which if I can figure out how to do it will be my ringtone-because that's funny from a short knitter Mom of 3 Pigs-you might as well do it up)

Yep! The ever wonderful Chris from Briar Rose Fibers is not only knitting up a square, but also offered to donate a little something-something of her wonderful hand painted yarn!!!!
1. Most Squares
2. Queen of the Day
3. Best Intentions
#2 is the Sewing it together prize. Don't you fret Spinsanity! I haven't forgotten about your generous offer of sewing together! Or you Carina, with your lovely orange square!
As for end date, we said end of summer. So, sewing this puppy up would be after Labor Day, at a Date and Location yet to be Determined. But as said before, there will be CAKE!


Carina said...

I'm working on it. It's a bit off, though, considering I'm trying to put a bit of lacework in there. *sigh*

I'm really all about the cake. ;)

Knit and fall back in it said...

Damn baby, cake and the possibility of a prize? can I get to the sewing party? Gas is too expensive, is it still unsafe to hitch-hike?

Linda said...
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Linda said...

Sorry! Been too busy makin' squares to post. Completed squares on my blog

kristina said...

Weeeeeelllll... I'm flattered but now scared that you want me to enlist the Yarn Harlot. LOL.

How large are these squares meant to be, anyway?

Holly Bee said...

12x12 KB. Oh, you were vacationing in lovely Nova Scotia during the start of this crazy!

12x12, machine wash, so superwash wool, or an acrylic wool blend. Mission Falls or

Heather Outside Boston said...

Delurking to ask where I can get the pattern for that fabulous leafy-lacey pattern.

And to compliment you on your good works (social and knitterly).