Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'm not asking for 1 Million Dollars...

I just want to move to Maine. They've got loads of sheep, 1 million yarn shops, comparable amounts of snow, hardly any summer, and gee, I get to trade in 5 glorious lakes for the Atlantic Ocean. It's AWESOME!
Plus blueberries, cranberries and lobster? I lovee the edible cock-a-roachee!

So Mighty Gods of Maine Chemistry, I beseech thee to call upon the Ogre. You need Chemist dudes out in Maine, right? I'm sure you need your zombies dealt with too, we could make it a win-win situation. That Covey Guy would be so stoked.


tracyb said...

I've always harbored East Coast fantasies myself! However, if there were a giant sunami in the Atlantic Ocean, the east coast is going down. Michigan should be pretty safe, especially you, over on the west side. You need to weigh these things you know. :)

Holly Bee said...

You are always thinking tracyb!! Good point!

We were watching dirty jobs, and well it was all Mike Rowe and Maine and lobster. Ah, Maine.

We went there on our honeymoon. The Ogre and I, not Mike and I. It was during a hurricane. It was sassy.

Carina said...

We've talked about Maine, too. Bangor has a good church, from what we've heard, and is always advertising for doctors. I mean, always advertising for doctors. We get at least three mailers a month, and they're in all the med journals with big ads.

I do think there's something to moving further north. I don't like all this hot weather.

Knit and fall back in it said...

I will keep my fingers crossed for you. If you want to live in Maine, then bah gawd, I want you to live in Maine.

Kristina said...

Hey!!! I thought you wanted to live in Canada? What's wrong with Nova Scotia or New Brunswick. And tomorrow Canada Day and all.



Holly Bee said...

Crap KB, I was drinking wine and I don't know how to do Canadian job searches, so Maine it was.

Do they have evil jobs in Maine? Because the Ogre will only work for Corporate Evil. They pay real well.

Kristina said...

Carina, interesting to hear that a place like Bangor would be notable for its church - I'm a canajan, and the only stuff I know about Bangor comes out of Stephen King books! :_

I'm thinking that it's a French Catholic church, since Maine has a lot of Acadians? I was in one myself while on the east coast of Canada recently, and it was quite interesting.