Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I really had to quit...Not Knitting!

No, not because I did anything bad! I haaaad to quit the lab because of all my extracurricular activities. (Don't worry, there is knitting, scroll down if you hate, well, the great outdoors or Pigs)

There are parties to attend...

Can you tell by the above photos which person I am related to?

Giant Mutant Radioactive Ants to tame...

You know, we called the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to help us, but look who came instead!!

Spinsanity and her Kidlets, Kai and Abi!!!

Now Abi could give Shelly a run for her money as goat whisperer,

but poor Kai, got the snot kicked out of him.

Ha! With Snotty at the zoo, and the poor kid got the snot kicked out of him. It just doesn't seem fair.

Why were we at the zoo? The Pigs and I were in training. Well, we're always in Zombie Defense Training. But this time we were in training for the Binder Park Zoo Cheetah Chase!
Oh, yes, they release the Cheetahs into the zoo and people have to out run them. It's like the Running of the Bulls, but for real men.

No! It's another ruddy fund raiser walk! I'm not begging from you this time. We're going door to door this time. Hey, Support YOUR local Zoo.

It's a 5k! Damn you Shelly and your damn dirty apes, or cebus monkeys or new world primates. Eh, we can do a 5k in our sleep. Actually, I think Pig 3 usually does. Ok, we aren't running. We are actually doing the "Sloth Walk" but it's still for the zoo.

Remember, these are the highlights, since Sunday...

New garden plot...Reduce mowing, reduce gas consumption, increase useful planting beds for veggies next year-SAVE THE WORLD.

Ride bikes with Pigs

Explain Barbara J. Hopps Memorial Project to adoring fans at Dental office. Receive praise and glory. Feel full of self, mess up whole row of knitting. Refuse to frog in front of adoring fans.

That's when I realized everyone loves Green and Orange, they just may not know it until they
the goods!

Imagine all the Awesome I could have accomplished if I didn't have to work last night!

Another Single Sock...Does that Orange and Green yarn look familiar? I'm making a Shawl for me! We've inspired me!


Linda said...

I can't believe you had a job! One that you had to get to on time and be all responsible and they paid you for you zombie skills! I mean with all the zoo runs, charity knits, SnB's, camping and all the cool stuff you do with the Pigs, PLUS the Orge and zombie slaying! You really know how to show us how it's done! Way to go Girl!
Enjoy your Pigs!

kristinknits said...

Look at that delicious spread of quiche! I could really go for a piece of quiche right now, with some fruit and strawberry fruit dip ... oh and some scones too! Mmmmmmm.

tracyb said...

Holly! I love your square! And your oval doesn't really look oval, it looks square to me. Kick butt yarn.

Knit and fall back in it said...

Jeez Louise. I'm tired just reading about it all.

trixie stix said...

Have fun at the Cheetah Chase! I ran it last year and had a ball. You and the boys will have a super day. Now, I know you will be in Battle Creek . . . maybe I'll swing by to say hello!

Linda said...

Sorry to hear you are giving up on saving lives..[but I'm really, really jealous, almost makes getting me an ogre sound worth while..] Too bad you couldn't have just went on a FMLA for the summer until the Pigs go back to school.

I think you mentioned you would not be at Water Street tomorrow, so guess I won't look for you.... Now that you are a woman of leisure, you might need to go on the bus trip to Stitches...did I mention we have goodie bags????
Hope to connect soon.

Holly Bee said...

It's TOMORROW and I just got home from work.

I still save lives...I just got invited, officially, to be on the Kidney Foundation Walk Committee!!!


As for that quiche...LOVE IT!

Now, the Creek? I'm going to kick the Creek's ass this weekend.

Kristina said...

Parties, work... parties, charity knitting...

I wish I were you!!!

First square almost done. Should have two to show on my blog by Monday... and we have a holiday on Tuesday as well!!! :-) Canada Day, you honorary Canajan, you... I'll be hitting the nearest Tims in your honour.

pk said...

Glad to see you and the boys so happy and enjoying the summer.

Congraduations on your new niece.

She's beautiful to say the least.