Monday, June 02, 2008

Kidney on Leash...Kidney Walk!

I just want to give a big thanks to all the people who helped me make my goal for the kidney walk.

We had perfect weather for a walk and we had the chance to meet a lot of really great people and spend time with friends and family.

Can anyone name the people I'm hangin' with in this photo?

Of course there was also some general jack-assery going on.

and on

and on

Now for the Snot report.

This was a fundraiser to support the National Kidney Foundation. On the National Kidney Foundation website I clicked on Kidney Disease FAQs

Short version of the official website

Obesity and Dibeties are the quick road to kidney disease (that and other factors like family hx)

The food items at the walk?


Ok they did have water too, but come on COOKIES?

How to keep yourself healthy

Leila Arboriteum was not a good walk location for those who were on dialysis or who have had transplants. Why? HILLS

Yeah. Marty (transplant 2004) was like, oh, the course is only 1 mile, Alice and I will walk it with you. All hills.

Not cool.

Then at the end of the course, there was no one there to congratulate the walkers. No hoopla. No big love.

Wait! Erika and I gave big love to all those that finished the walk! We shouted

Way to go walkers! Thanks for walking! Thanks for supporting the National Kidney Foundation!! We couldn't do it without YOU!
Then I added...water is up the hill. I've got no water. No, the water is up the hill.


Linda said...

(Delayed cheering) Hip, hip, hooray! Way to go Holly!! (balloons and confetti)
So glad you walked and the weather was so fine. Thank you, thank you, and thank you for walking!
You're Awesome!

Knit and fall back in it said...

Imagine if you can that I am standing right next to Linda (previous commenter) as you read this:

WOO HOO!!!! You Rock, Holly. Thanks for being so cool!!!!

Seems that there were some aspects of that event that weren't necessarily well thought out, huh?

Holly Bee said...

Thank you! Thank you!

Actually, I'm going to be on the Board for next year's event!!

We're having it in K-Zoo. awww...Yeah

tracyb said...

I'm right there with virtual Amy - "Go Holly! Woo-hoo, way to walk girl!"

trixie stix said...

I know one person you are standing next to! Battle Creek's very own Mayor Benhke. I wish I had checked my bloglines earlier . . . I would have ventured out to the Arboriteum just to meet you. I am glad you had fun.

Holly Bee said...

Yep! Hangin' with the BC Mayor!

Zombie Brownie Points to Trixie Stix!

Carina said...

The gal in the red shirt's Michelle and goes to my church. She is awesome!

Thanks for doing this, though. Someday, I might need that research from that money to save my remaining kidney. I just wish I could've gone and walked, too.