Friday, June 20, 2008

Fiesta, the Local Scene, Again

My cousin Jessica is getting married in July! She and her betrothed picked out Fiestaware for their dishes.

Now, right behind yarn, shoes, and zombie slaying, Fiesta is my favorite. Why? Check the colors!!!

Either that Homer Laughlin was colorblind, or he was living the technicolor lifestyle!

Can you guess what color dishes we have at Casa de Ogre? Why Orange and Green of course!!!

Soooo, I had to go into Lakeside Mercantile...Yes, all I do is shop. If you need something, I know where you can find it. Unless it's my car keys, or a pair of scissors, that, I can't find.
Lakeside Mercantile...
Really, people should pay me for pimping out their stores. If you shop at a store I recommend, say "Holly at Knit with Snot" sent you. It will get you no discount, but come on!
Viva la revolucion!
Now, if I could find a way to host a knitting event in the kitchen shop...
Sorry, I can't show what I bought! It might ruin the surprise! But, you may suspect it was kitcheny. In theory, I am also knitting a dish cloth for Jessica. But, I'm thinking that won't be finished. You know, the lawn needs mowed, the Pigs need fed.


Linda said...

So I take it you finally found your flashlight!

Knit and fall back in it said...

Wouldn't it just be over the top to combine two of your favorites, yarn and Fiestware, and knit something for them using the Fiestaware colors?

A table runner or some kitchen towels maybe?

Holly Bee said...

Fantastically, I did find my flashlight!

I also found my Tigers hat!!!

Knit a table theory that idea rocks! Kitchen towel may be more my speed!