Thursday, June 19, 2008

Candy and Hummus, Not at the Same Time

Uh, I failed to mention we also went here

when we were downtown Kalamazoo the other day. What??? Never heard of, never been to
Tommy's Goodie Shoppe!!! Ok, I'd heard of it, but had never been. It's all candy, all candy!

Plus, get this, Plainwell ice cream, and run fast my big ole butt, RETRO SODA!!!

Yes! Like 4 walls of coolers filled with blessed soda. Your choice of who blesses your soda, but me and Tony Stark made out for 10 whole minutes back by the Nehi with Stan Lee's blessing.

Now don't get all, "She let her kids go ape crap in a candy store, blah, blah, nutrition."

Next door to the candy shop is this lovely establishment.

Yeah, kids tend to act REAL good at their local food Co-Op when the promise of the coolest candy store is right next door.

Now, it may seem odd. Holly! Healthy Food and Candy! In the same trip? What is up with that??

Let me break it down...Old school soda doesn't have the evil high fructose corn syrup in it. It's made with pure delicious sugar. Sure if you're a vegan that's a no go, but REAL SUGAR SODA?? Pure Bliss.

Both establishments are fighting the man.

Plus, the People's Food Co-Op makes the best darn hummus.


Kristina said...

I should think that the healthy food offsets the junk food - therefore, acceptable child rearing standards to combine both. Having said that, I'm not a parent. LOL

tracyb said...

ah . . . hummus. They simply do not have good hummus up here. That's it. No more self-pity. I have a creek outside my back door for goodness sake! : )

Holly Bee said...

Detroit is like a weird haven for good Greek food though! Once you leave, it's, well, just wrong. I spent 3 years of my life trying to find decent chili cheese fries...

You need a good Greek Restaurant to get them!!! Duhhh!! I feel your pain sister!

We should meet up and go on a yarn, Opa Crawl! Kristina, you in??