Thursday, May 29, 2008

You could be part of Awesome!

Remember when I knit the Briar Rose Retro Cardi?

Then the Hope Lodge opened and we made Cancer Capes?

Then Magically the two were joined into one awesome venture by the very brilliant Kim

Do you need caught up? I used Briar Rose Fibers for my Retro Cardi and couldn't shut up about how much I loooove the colors and the fibers and Chris and basically it was all "briarrosebriarroseroseroserose...BRIAR ROSE FIBERS IS AWESOME"

Then I heard about the Hope Lodge and how Pam Roach was asking for help to make sure that each person who uses the Hope Lodge gets a Prayer Shawl to take home with them.

Something about my loud mouth and rallying of the Zombie Prom Date Knitters for the shawl drive ended up with me working with other actual talented knitters and designers on the

I was asked if I would help out by knitting 4 squares for an afghan that would be made out of Briar Rose Fibers yarn, specially dyed for the project by Chris!!! How could I say no.

Well, I had to also write up the pattern I used for the 4 squares. A new challenge! Cool! (eek)

My fancy one is the one with the pocket. How do you get the chance to win this great beauty?

DONATE! When you donate, you are entered into the drawing for the afghan that I made. By donating you get a chance at a bit of history!

Yes, someday I may be famous, famous in the same way Paris Hilton is, "that's hot" you know for my mouth (that can be taken so many ways)

Soo, what trouble has my loud mouth gotten me into lately?

It volunteered me to do spinning demos after the Grange 4th of July Parade

I don't know how to spin


Carina said...

Ooh! Can I help do spinning demos after the parade, too? It'll get me away from my in-laws for awhile (they're coming up to visit for some reason that weekend), and then I could pass out my cards and have a flyer for my fall beginning spinning workshop at the Art Center. Can I, can I, can I? (It's mostly to get away from my MIL, you know.)

Holly Bee said...

You are in!

The kids are also invited to partake in the fun of the parade if they would like.

It's one of those community parades. Kids decorate bikes, or dress up like their favorite scientist, or promote alternate transportation (me), there are tractor floats, horses, politics, candy, horse crap, classic cars. All this on a 1 mile stretch of country road.

Did I mention fire trucks? Fire trucks and the 5-0 too!

But yes, please come spin, and demo! I am also doing "how to knit" demos.

Free hotdogs will be at the Grange too!

Ya'll are jealous you aren't Grangers now!

Linda said...

Can't spin?!? I thought you could do anything! Betcha you're spinning like a pro by the 4th. If not, you'll have the best time teaching people how NOT to spin! :)