Thursday, May 01, 2008

What the Fashionable Knitter Wears...with PJ's

Would I really post photos of me wearing knit goods in my pj's?

Of course!

But I was so excited! I mean, it is Ribbed for Her Pleasure after all.

It does go well with Pajamas.
It's going to look super sweet with my sassy flower dress though!

If you wanted to see the post where Christopher Moore FAMOUS AUTHOR commented on my blog, please check the comments on this post.


Kristina B said...

Very hot and sassy!

And it even matches the PJs. You rawk.

Holly Bee said...

Yes, I think after the wedding, i will be rawking it with the jammy's all the time. It makes me feel a little more dressy when telling the Pigs I love them when they get on the bus.

Chris said...

woo hoo!!! Holly got your rock on!!!!!!

Josly said...

Very hot and sassy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!