Monday, May 12, 2008

This One's for the Ogre, the Pigs and Marty

The Mighty Snotty Campers

Ok, I don't know if you can call us campers, really, because this is where we stayed...

The Ogre's feet over hang the bunk by, eh, about 2 feet. That's not only a funny, funny play on words, but also the sad truth.

Family bonding by the outhouse.........the river..........famed walking tree


House of Flavors! Nautical Yarn!! Inside Nautical Yarn!!

Cheese as big as his head!


Snotty Smokey Knitting

One of the Pigs said "This is the best vacation ever!" A little tear swelled up in my eye...

then I let them rest. I thought after those kind words, they deserved it.

Fishing. We fished. I caught a large mouth bass. Sure it's not bass season, but I did catch one.

Pig 1 caught a fish, Pig 2 caught a fish, and even the Ogre caught a fish.

What about Pig 3 you ask? Well he did catch something. He caught on that he had no bait and that without that he wasn't going to catch any fish.

He's little, he might poke his, mine or hell, your eye out. Besides, I happily fished bait and hook free for years. Although I'm pretty sure I never figured it out. Hey, we at least gave him a real fishing pole and a bobber. He was set up, he got to practice casting.

Oh, I kept asking the boys if they wanted me to cast on for them. Ooops. I do have to say, I'm really good at it. Casting, on, out. Either. Whatever you need. Good. At it. Yeah.

If you're going to stay in a mini cabin, why not order a freaking pizza and pick up a few brews?

Go ahead, say I shouldn't drink beer and camp. But if the campers at 233 can bring their genetically engineered half dog half deform spawn of satan, than beer should be handed out by the rangers. Yeah. Beer all around.

Oh, yeah, so why is my family running ahead of me? I ate the left over pizza, without the help of lactaid. I stunk. Look at them run! It wasn't really that bad.

4 miles later...still at the back.

The one bad thing about camping...


I got one at The Book Mark. Formerly known as Read-Mor . Thank you Dude at Book Mark!
I will never drink recycled robot ass instant "coffee" again. Gag, barf. French press next time. French press.

Did I have an Excellent Mother's Day? Bill and Ted would play air guitar for how excellent it was.


Carina said...

I'm so jealous. I freakin' love Ludington. We should get together, buy some land, and build our own Ludington commune. Live off the grid and all that. Well, Hubby would get a job at the local hospital, probably (can't keep a good doctor down), but the rest of us could have an orchard, some sheep, and maybe even a vinyard. Wouldn't that be awesome?

Pam said...

I beer loaded, carb loaded, and ate lactose containing products all wkend. It was awesome. This morning, not so much. Lol
Thanks for the heads up on "Wreck This Journal". I picked myself up one at B&N last week. What a hoot! Glad you had a rockin weekend.

Knit and fall back in it said...

What a sweet little Pig to tell you that he thought it was the greatest vacation ever. There's hope for that one, I tell ya. :)

Kristina B said...

You are the rockinest momma I know (sorry, Mom. You're great but you're not really "rockin", are you?!). ;) Glad that you had a fab trip.

tracyb said...

I love the mini-cabins! I wonder if they have any over here? Did you buy any yarn? And what were you knitting?