Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Survival Gear Straight through to Interweave Knits, It's got it all!

Why no photos lately? I couldn't find my evil camera. Then I looked in the most unlikely place for it, and there it was staring lovingly back at me. Yeah, it was in my wall organized but freakishly heavy purse.

Gas mask baby Target! You know, I do get all my survival gear there.

Really, I do. Check out what I scored for camping...

Yes, you see INSTANT DEATH in that line up. It's actually gleefully labeled "Tasters Choice" and tells me it makes up to 86 cups. 86 cups! I do a lot of summer camping, and well, I need coffee, because precoffee, even if it's the freeze dried version, without it I tend to get a little, eh, Gollum.
we needs it precious. oh yes, we needs it.

The Pigs don't like it when Mommy goes Gollum. Zombie Slayer, fine. Smelling like a man, crazed hippie, sure. No coffee Gollum? No. Just No.

Now, I failed to mention Read-Mor Books while talking about Ludington last time. Witty! They do have a coffee shop right inside. They always had great books, but they used to have porn. Now, they have coffee. Seems you can't have it both ways.

Turns out, Read-Mor is just down the road from Nautical Yarn. Actually, downtown Ludington isn't that big, everything is just down the road. So, I can bait the Ogre with a mocha-cocoa-latte grande whipped delight. Oh, cashmere goats frolicking with Pan, not for me! For the big guy.

Anyway, he can skip down to the Book Store with a Pig or 3 while I say Ahoy Matey! to the helpful people at Nautical Yarn! I wonder if people say that to them a lot of if I am just a nutter?

Speaking of nutter, I got out of my car at the same time as another lady on the way to Great Harvest Bread yesterday, and out of Pig rearing habit I shouted "RACE YOU TO THE DOOR!"

Yeah, she was like 65, and I let her win, because I felt like such an ass. She did hold the door open for me, and asked if I have kids. I said "yeah, 3 boys, habit." She said she has 4 grown boys and she actually enjoyed the race. So it was cool.

Off of crazy and back to yarn.

Socks for Pig 3 from yarn he picked out.

I thought he was all environmentally awesome and that he picked bamboo yarn because he was going to save the planet. No, it's because there's a picture of a panda on the label.
Thanks Crystal Palace. Nice marketing, you're the next freaking McDonald's.

Have you gotten your Interweave Knits?

I really want to make the Drawstring Raglan. But with the bottom stripes in Green and Orange. Why mess with a good thing?

But can I start it now? Not with this hair.

What happened to my Snotty Foliage Hat from Knitty you ask? (when the hell does knitty summer come out? Also, Brouhaha, did you submit anything to them? Because you design some awesome stuff!)


I did! Remember I was supposed to have a random drawing for a hat for a donor to my Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk? Well, yeah. I kept making hats, but they just, well, were so awesome, I kept keeping them instead of giving them to Maureen the winner. So, finally, I gave the very best one to her.

She loves it!! So, see, it was worth it.

Plus, I know where I got the last hat. I just have to suck it up and make another. my own hat and have it be THE NEXT BIG THING!

The race it on EM!!! Do I smell a CHALLENGE?

Ok, here are the yarns that I have.

Actually the yarn on the right is for a beanie for Marty. We are doing a bit of bartering. I'm knitting a beanie as a trade off for all the homemade granola he's been making for me. Very Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Hey didn't she not only make you want to be a pioneer girl (with indoor plumbing) and keep your real last name? Yeah.


tracyb said...

Ok, want to know a secret about Kristin? She never read Little House on the Prairie? How, I ask you, can a children's librarian have gotten away without reading the great Laura Ingalls Wilder? I myself wanted to be in the house with the Ingalls family during the blizzard in the Long Winter! I used to think snow was really cool.

Holly Bee said...

The Long Winter is my favorite one!!! I thought it was soo cool that they were twisting the straw so it would burn longer, and, and, how Pa knew the Wilder Boys had grain in a secret wall!!!

For shame Kristin! I know what you're getting for a wedding present now!!

Kristina B said...

Love the gas mask dolls!

And thanks for the plug. No pattern submission yet... not sure I'll make it in time for the Summer ed. But stay tuned for autumn... :-)

Knit and fall back in it said...

Well at least Crystal Palace used their marketing wyles to lure the child into doing something environmentally awesome. We gotta give them partial credit for that, don't we?

Carol said...

I'm a girl. I always have indoor plumbing.

For the longest time, I believed I was LIW reincarnated. I even checked out the date of her death when I was 9 to see if it was possible. It's totally possible.