Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Stitches Midwest Bus Trip Info & How to Sass Up a Wedding

Important Knitting News!!!!

The K2 knitting guild is sponsoring a bus trip to Stitches Midwest in Schaumburg, Illinois on Friday August 22nd. The cost is $42 and includes admission to the marketplace.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A GUILD MEMBER! If you would like more info, I can give you the email of the person in charge of this event. Or if you are a Ravelry member, please go to the Kalamazoo Knitting board.

Yes, that does say Friday. For those of you with active employment, please schedule this day off now.

For those of you wondering if I will be attending, I will not. I will be stinking it up somewhere in the wilds of upper, lower Michigan. That's right, I'll be in the woods with the Pigs again.

Hello, Summer! Pigs Over Fiber. That's my gang. P.O.F.

I'm going to knit a bandana out of cotton. It's going to have the letters P O F , Three Pig Faces,
then a Sheep, and it's going to be my summer doo rag. Aaaahhhhh, yeah.

Hey this weekend is it! What it you ask? My wonderful cousin Matt and the fabulous Kristinknits are getting married this weekend!

(I made them pose like they didn't like each other) (They really do)

My Fab Outfit

Don't worry, I got fresh new white socks. Plus Maureen had the great idea to replace the regular chucks laces with white ribbon to sassy the converse up. This is a wedding after all.

Promise Loads of Photos...

Next Month: Another wonderful Wedding! Different People...


Carina said...

I love your outfit. I wish I were that brave to wear something I really liked to my SIL's wedding. I am such a wuss.

I might do that bus trip, though . . .

Knit and fall back in it said...

Love the Chucks!

Kristina B said...

If I ever stop shackin and get married, you need to come and wear that outfit, Holly. It'd freak out all the greeks for starters.

Linda said...

I LOVE the P.O.F. dew rag idea!

Holly Bee said...

After Mart's sun bonnet, all attention is going to P.O.F knitting! It's so funny!