Monday, May 05, 2008

Ogres, Camping, Snot and Yarn. What more Could You Ask for?

According to Casa de Ogre May is the Official Opening of Camping Season!!!

This is the Ogre's official take on this
Contrary to popular belief, Ogres do not enjoy the great outdoors. That may be why they are so grumpy. Or because it always rains on The Official Opening of Camping Weekend (which ever weekend we pick), and we have 3 Pigs. Pigs love rain, Ogres, not so much.

Where am I torturing, eh, taking my sweet Ogre? To the place my heart belongs. The place I fished without a hook. (It was for safety reasons. Pig 3 is currently using the same tackle.)

The place I learned to love hiking, fishing, swimming, rainbows, Abe Lincoln, time travel, walking trees, hobbits, and well fire, beer, breaking up with boys, The Great Under Toad and sunsets.

Do I want to share this with the Ogre? Hell yes! How do I tempt him there?

Ice Cream and Mini Cabins.

Yep, the House of Flavors!!
I've been wanting the Pig's Dinner(pdf) since I was old enough to figure out it was a CHALLENGE!!! I do have 3 little Pigs...I may have to cave and be "one of those parents."

I've even had the Ogre send his resume there. Yes. I. Have. He is a Chemist. Hello. Ice Cream needs Quality Control too.

Mini Cabins. Tiny, but they have bunk beds. Beds are a requirement for das Ogre when camping. He's like the Princess and the Pea. Plus, hell, I don't know. It makes for a happier Ogre. Happier Ogre, is a less unhappy Ogre and that my friends is Golden! Trust me, I took him tent camping one October, and it well, snowed, and we were attacked by raccoons, and it was a bad scene. See, keep the Ogre happy=Golden.

But wait! Ogre's do love Ludington! Look! I recorded this perfect moment in time October 20th, 2006...

The Ogre and Meemaw got done with their Michigan State Grange committee work early and were able to enjoy the lovely town of Ludington. They went to dinner at the House of Flavors, although skipped ice cream (!!!???!!!) and then continued on to Nautical Yarn. I imagine them holding hands, skipping a singing showtunes, but that may not be the case.

Yep, the Ogre drove his Grandparents to Ludington for State Grange. The Ogre and Meemaw had a dinner date, and he took her to his favorite restaurant and then took her out to the yarn shop. She said he was the perfect gentleman. Ah, good times.

So, sometime soon, camping, raining, knitting, hiking, and well, general Snotty mayhem will be had. Don't fret, I will tidy up enough to make my way into Nautical Yarn.


Knit and fall back in it said...

Robert won't camp in a tent AT ALL. He said he got enough of that when he was in the Marines. He stay in a cabin, but he prefers a suite whenever he has to sleep away from home.

Mrs. H (aka MrsAych) said...

Ice Cream is a good reason to go camping. *nod, nod, nod*

Anonymous said...

ah, i remember those times with barking spiders etc....spent many nights in those very parts with raccoon and cookies. the walk around the lake and then fort daul. i need to go camping!!!!! see you soon. love toady

Carina said...

It's so sad that Fort Daul is no more. Well, they moved some of the store to another storefront, but it's just not the same.

I would live in Ludington if I could. Or Pentwater. Or pretty much anywhere in that area. I love the orchard country, the lake, the towns . . . *sigh* I think about it a lot. Enjoy the camping! It's a gorgeous park and great place to camp.

Holly Bee said...