Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Like Paul Harvey said, here's The Rest of the Story

hThe Bridal Party had a thoughtfully blocked a group of rooms at The Inn on Ferry Street

It's a whole block of redone houses, all swanked out. It's on the same block as the DIA and provides shuttle service to places within 5 miles...FREE! Hello romatic Tigers Getaway Weekend.

What's this a photo of? I pull out my camera to document the moment, and promptly fell down. Yeah. On the stairs while walking up the lovely front porch to go check in.

So, shall we call this..... "Holly's Grand Entrance"

This was not part of the Inn, but was part of the neighborhood. Nice view.

Not the Detroit you normally think of, eh? That's the point! Matt and Kristin are the official Amabassadors of this lovely city! I was just a member of the Ferry St Beautification Society.

Yep, I was picking up trash in Detroit. Be the change people, be the change.

Then it was off to the Gem

in our fancy dress...
and gangsta poses

for what turned out to be the most beautiful wedding. It was thoughtful and sweet and just the nicest way to start a life together. I was really happy to be there to see it.

If you would like another write up please go to TracyB's write up. She got really good photos of the Bride and Groom, and the cake too! That cake! Lovely!

I was at the rowdy table, and pinned between a pole and the servers station to keep me away from the camera guy. Baby was indeed sent to the corner. Where was Patrick Swayze?

I made sort of an ass of myself pre rum and coke right in front of the camera and sound guy early on and was basically sent to the corner. It had something to do with the Groom, and flowers and being the official fluffer. Yeah.

Sure there was lot's of naughty stuff, but what's the deal with I'm finally old enough?

My cousins who are slightly older than me, (but now we're all 29, so they must know Einstein too) all got sand dollar necklaces from my Grandma one summer. I was like 7 and I didn't get one and I cried, and cried, and cried. Until Saturday, I pouted about it, and really, really wanted a sand dollar necklace, and kept quietly waiting until I would be old enough to get mine.

Well, turns out, I am now old enough!! I am a big girl cousin now!!!

Look! We listened to cool music and built a float for Prom!!

Do you think they'll know this gift is from Family De Ogre just by looking?

Then, because to get from the left side of the state to the right side of the state you have to pass the middle of the state, we ended up here...

Look, they had a dumpster with hookers' legs in it!

High quality Spinsanity Spindles!

Then we had to get food, because I was getting, well cranky. We stopped at a Mancino's and the girl was all "it's not the same as the other Maninco's."

Like this one's crap, and the other places are good. We didn't care. We had a long weekend filled with family, fun, falling down, laughing, joy, tears, a failed trip into the wardrobe, a failed trip up the stairs, and a new love of Detroit. Those sandwiches could have tasted like ass and we would have ate them with a smile, as long as there was mayo. We ain't no ketchup eatin' yankees.


tracyb said...

I love the view you are showing people of Detroit. I know there is good in the city, it's just getting there from where I used to live you couldn't help but see the bad. I hope someday the city can straighten it's act out, it could be beautiful again.

Carina said...

There really are some nice places in Detroit. My friend Erica used to live in a gorgeous neighborhood across from the fairgrounds, of all places, and there was all kinds of good stuff in the area.

I'm sooooo jealous! Comfy clothes to wear to a wedding and a nice one on top of that?! Soooo unfair. Your family's cooler than mine, that's for sure. *pout, pout, pout* I had to get a floor-length gown, and while getting it altered get told that navy blue makes me look like a school teacher. Wait, I was a school teacher! Still. When do I get to wear something cute to a wedding?

mono loco said...

Do I spy delicious CookieA socks on those hooker legs?

Now if only the hookers in my neighborhood could sport such fine legwear. Maybe we could put handknit socks on the bears instead? Hmm...

Holly Bee said...

Those are CookieA socks on the hooker legs! I felt them up so many times I thought I was going to be asked to leave!

But they were just happy to have their day brightened with Snot.

Unwashed, tired, grubby Snot, rubbing hooker legs in thigh high CookieA socks...it was very dirty.

Linda said...

"Not the Detroit you normally think of, eh?" I must admit, it has been a number of years since I've been to Detroit (O.K. like 20!). The neighborhoods I traveled through didn't look anything like this! WOW! You really did do a great job showing of the shiney side of the city. I might consider visiting again.
You looked VERY grown up! No wonder they gave you a pretty necklace. Fab outfit Darling!

Kristina said...

So much fanciness.

Have only passed through Detroit myself en route to Chicago. Can't say I noticed such properties there.

I'm jealous!

Holly Bee said...

Yep! There is beauty everywhere! Sometimes you just have to look!

Next wedding...July! I'm wearing my new necklace, nothing else, just the necklace. Oh, and my chucks!

Linda said...

Now that will be a sight!

kristinknits said...

Thanks for the wedding re-cap Holly. I love to hear it from someone else's point of view. We had a fabulous day - glad you could be a part of it. And thanks for the Detroit love!!

Trish - My Merino Mantra said...

What a great post! I lived in Detroit for many years, and although I did enjoy downtown, I didn't get to see many positive aspects of the neighborhoods. My mother used to go to a school on Ferry Street called the Ferry School. I used to laugh and laugh when she talked about going to the Fairy School, as I remembered it! She would be thrilled with the transformation.