Thursday, May 01, 2008

Knitting and Spinning and being Dirty

Look, I finally changed out of my PJ's! But I'm still happy with the Bolero!

Can you believe it? I finished something, and it fits?

Ok, little secret. I now purposely never finish anything. Yeah. I weave all but like one end in, just so I can officially say "I never finish anything, EVER."

This, this is my personal shopper, with what was supposed to be my dress. Apparently, it looked really, really cute on her. So, it's not my dress.

First my dream bike, then this chicken dress...

Wait! What is this snotty goodness that I have spied?

Holy Cow! Is that a hand painted, perfectly balanced, Spinsanity Spindle????

Made especially for me?

Oh Sweet Father of Cashmere! (Would that be Pan?) Shannon really out did her self on this one. I really didn't properly thank her. But, it's gorgeous! I had to hide my love and fondling, because we were in a public place. But really, when we got to the car, I felt that thing up, down and well, it was dirty. I'm going to get me a six pack this weekend and see if I can't actually make some yarn! Uh-huh. (Oh, that goes right back to John Cougar, my friends. Where's my record collection...stomping to the basement...)

(Some people say I'm obnoxious and lazy
That I'm uneducated
And my opinipn means nothin'
But I know I'm a real good dancer)

Here she spins here self!

She said "what are you taking a picture of?"

I replied "your French 3."

Marty said her "Spindles spin faster, longer and smoother than my Ashford. "
Yes, it sounds dirty, and I kept saying "what?" "huh?" "what?" Until he said it like 4 times.

Carina also rocked it all the way to Kzoo! She was at a bad angle for the evil camera. But she was working with that pretty green yarn that I just want to swipe from her. Oh, yes, I want to swipe it! It's lovely!

We also met Kait! Good luck on the interview!

Ok, now that you're all jealous of the super fun...

See you later, Gator!


dee's brother said...

Speaking of super fun.....We took our daughter to her first "Real" concert last Sunday at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa. Yep...we took her to the Bon Jovi concert. Talk about relivin the 80's! LOL

Another cool thing about the concert is Chris Daughtry opened up for Bon Jovi. Our daughter will never be the same! hahahahha

Kristina B said...

Am totally jealous. Grr. I want your spindle.

tracyb said...

I love your spindle! I've so got to learn how to spin. My lys gives lessons, I think, maybe this summer. And your shrug/bolero is cute! Are you wearing it to the wedding?

Carina said...

I didn't get to see it. That bolero thingy looks fabulous!! You're going to be prettier than the bride. :)

I thought you would've liked the orange yarn I was crocheting with better than the green yarn for the design sweater. It's totally your orange, but it's for a friend of mine at church who really needs a shawl-hug.

Oh, and that spindle is beautiful. Since no one's signing up for my beginning spinning class on the tenth, do you want me to give you one of the fiber sampler packets I'm putting together? I have tons.

Holly Bee said...

Once upon a time, not so long ago...
Tommy used to work on the docks...

How fun is that? You're right dee's brother, SUPER FUN!!

You can order a spindle from Spinsanity.

It also looks like Carina has some starter fluff she needs to unload!

Look! I'm networking!

Knit and fall back in it said...

You look mahvelous in that bolero dahling.

That spindle rawks. I really really want one, but I don't know how to use it so it would be wasted on me. Something that pretty deserves to be useful, I guess. Dammit, I just talked myself out of it, didn't I?

tracyb said...

knitandfallbackinit, you can LEARN how use it! Like me!