Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers' Day!

Favorite Trail! The Ridge Trail!

We had lunch at the furthest most point of the trail yesterday! Yeee Haw! Yep, I said that.

Then, does a Mom pee in the woods?

Ogre says "What about leave no trace?"

I reply "But I've got to pee real bad!"

Plus, it was going to be either in one place or all along the trail.

Knitting, did I knit? Of course I did! I tried to get Marty's hat all smoky and delicious smelling, but then I realized I stored the knitting in my pocket right next to my snot rag. Do all my knitted gifts have to be Knit with Snot? Yes, apparently so...giftee beware.

Sadly, much more later, but for now, I've got to go, uh, I don't know, look for my flashlight.


Carina said...

Happy Mother's Day! Did Ludington get the rain today like we did? That couldn't have been fun. Did you get to eat at the good Italian place in town? We love that place. Great pasta.

mono loco said...

As a person who peed all over an Amazon rainforest (and I mean ALL over) -- I don't think that pees count on the "leave no trace" rule - TP yes, pee no. Put that in your pipe, Ogre!!

PS Not to be icky - but let's all bury our #2s out there folks!! No one wants to give people cooties to the wildlife!

Holly Bee said...

I had a ziplock in my back pack to carry out...just in case.

The Ogre was picking on me and my pee! No one puts my pee in a corner!

If it doesn't rain, it's not camping!

Anonymous said...

Holly Bee writes:

"No one puts my pee in a corner!"

Dirty Dancing quote from your fav drama actor?

Holly Bee said...

You know I love me some Swayze! He's almost as talented as Keanu, almost.

When the two master minds of drama got together in Point Break, it was Cinema at it's peak!!