Saturday, May 24, 2008

almost june, here's the scoop

I know you are outside working on your lawn, drinking mojitos and watching the neighbors work on theirs.

1. What the heck are you knitting?

I am knitting the Blot Out the Sun Hat for Marty, aka the frogged Sun Bonnet.

2. Remember the New Year's Resolution Contest? We were going to have an update in June?

Well, it's almost June!
So, here's a refresher for my resolutions:

1. Try to live more like Einstein, and Ghandi, and Buddha.

2. Learn Spanish from someone other than Dora the Explorer.

3. With each knitting lesson, one free zombie slaying. But not if the zombie is spotted at night, or when it's cold out. Oh heck, or if it's too early in the morning, let's be reasonable here, I'm not Buffy the Vampire Slayer, she lives in Ohio.

4. Eat more veggies. Wait, that's number 1.Ah ha! Help the Pigs to eat more veggies!! That whole candy and mud thing from last year back fired a wee bit and now the Pigs think they are entitled to non stop junk. Well the "better prepared nicer" Mom stops December 31st, and the "have a freaking apple" Mom starts Jan 1. Yeah.

5. I plan to start drinking more and making an ass of myself. I figure the Ogre should have some fun this next year too.

I failed at all of these! Even #5. I've been drinking less. Oh, the humanity. So, time for updates on your resolutions and then a random drawing.

3. Kidney Walk!!! June 1st! That's next weekend people! If you haven't donated, please take the time to visit my National Kidney Foundation Donation Site. Why? It's funny, and sad, and well, I'm the Team Captian and it will suck to show up with the least number of donations.

Plus, I'm walking in Battle Creek, if I don't bring cash, the BC Police might chase me down and shoot me like a black bear.

(side note: I do NOT think this is funny. I think this was handle poorly, stupidly and is a complete embaressment to Battle Creek, the BC Police and pretty much the whole state of Michigan. Have you ever heard of tranq guns? We have a zoo in the county.)

4. If you dare come to the Creek, on Friday June 6th

Home Grange 129
B dr South -(about 4 miles east off of M66) and 9 and 1/2 mile road
Battle Creek, MI

June Chicken BBQ!!!
Potato Salad
1/2 a BBQ Chicken
Sweet Pickles
Awesome Dessert

Food 4:30-7


Linda said...

Good Lord! We were supposed to write them down!?? CRAAAP!

Knit and fall back in it said...

You've been tagged! Just be a sport, it's a fun one. See my blog for details.

Carina said...

I'll have to look mine up somewhere. I think I posted them, but I don't remember. *blush* Yeah, I'm so great with resolutions.

People here are royally ticked off about the black bear situation. Not cool. They keep saying that the police didn't have tranq guns, but yeah, the zoo could've sent someone over. Heck, why not have him stay there? Why did they have to kill him?

Holly Bee said...

Ooooh, poor Linda! I'll put you in the drawing anyway!

ikkinlala said...

I didn't post my New Year's resolutions here before because I didn't have five of them, but I'll give you a gratuitous update on my two anyway because I imagine you're as interested as anyone (i.e. not at all. Sorry). I've failed at one (I'm procrastinating just as much as ever), but succeeded at the other (I'm no longer dressing in oversized men's work wear store tee shirts... I've graduated to fitted women's work wear store tee shirts. I have my brother's fiancée to thank. Yes, I think this counts as "dressing more stylishly." What?).

I'm actually posting to volunteer to take over your 5th resolution for you. I think I have time for it this summer.

Maybe next year I'll resolve not to overuse parentheses.