Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Yarn, Books, and Pig Days!

Ok, I couldn't resist. I had to check out the Boss is Away Sale at Stitching Memories in Portage.

Besides, I needed (neeeeeded) yarn the Ribbed Lace Bolero. Yeah. Wedding coming up, in May, my arms might get cold. What? my pattern is for a sleeveless bolero? Bugger off.

How did I manage to get to the yarn shop at 10 am with just one super enthusiastic Pig?
Oh, don't worry. We dropped Pigs 2 and 3 off at Daycare, even though it was Pig 2's birthday, and he had just lost a tooth (harsh I know!)

This was done so Pig 1 and I could pick up book 4 in the Septimus Heap series at 9am.

Because he couldn't wait. We had to harass 3 sales people, including Mr. Super Nice, but sounds like Christian Slater doing his best Jack Nicholson. Which is kind of embarrassing because I talk to him every time I'm in B & N and I think he thinks I have a thing for him. So, it's getting sort of out of hand, which is funny if you're local.

So, what did I find? Well, this stuff was pretty. I mean it is spring and all.

It might have been hand dyed or something. I like Spinsanity's Easter egg dyed stuff better, personally.

Now here's some cotton I'd like to get my hands on...Patagonia Nature Cotton!

Then, look what was right by that...Malabrigo!!!

Yeah, not the plain colors, but the crazy fun colors. Watch your fillings, I'm looking for gold! I want more Malabrigo!

I tried to hard to be good, but look what followed me home!

A bunch of sad lonely strays from the bargain bins...ah, they're so pretty and they needed someone to take care of them.

Yes, my lovelies, you will be made into hats to help my grow my hair out, and a bolero for a May wedding to look sassy in. If not, you'll love hanging out with all my other yarn!

Oh, don't worry about Pig 2. I did that much damage and messing around at Stitching Memories in 29 minutes. Yeah. I can't even remember who was working. But one of them said "That was quick, under 30 minutes!"

It was all a blur of camera flashes and yarn petting. Well, and some drooling. Yes, I do recall some slack jaw drooling over bamboo tape yarn. It was all in horrible shades of lavenders and purples. Sorry lilac lovers, you know I'm an autumn.

Here's Pig 2 with his girlfriend at the most germ laden place in all of kid-dom

They even crowned him Prince of Germs for the day...

and armed him with the ability to spread his snot amongst the land!

Now that's a happy Pig!


tracyb said...

Hey, I think I might see you at that wedding! I'll be looking for the girl in the blue bolero, right? I get to go yarn sale shopping this weekend, sale at my hometown lys downstate. I told my husband it's fate, they are having a sale on the weekend we are going down. To not buy would be to tempt the fates. Happy Birthday Pig 2!

Kristina B said...

... and a happy mom too, eh? Look at all that yarn following you home. Amazing. I'll have to train my yarn to do the same.

But where is the Malabrigo?!

Holly Bee said...

Malabrigo couldn't make it! It was too slow and got stuck in the door. Darn you Malabrigo!

dream it up craft said...

your funny and everything, But
do you like plan this stuff before you even type it. It looks like it.any way the storie about your pigs was funny!
Ha! I gave you...the sandwitch!LOL!

Holly Bee said...

No planning! It's just all crazy, all the time around here!!!

Thanks for the love!