Friday, April 04, 2008

Support Your Local Scene

Does anyone say "Support Your Local Scene" anymore? Well, if they don't they should. Really, because your local scene has some locally cool stuff. Ok, I am sure it does. Why am I sure it does? Because for knittings sake, if Kalamazoo, Michigan has cool stuff, where ever you live has got to have cool locally owned and operated stuff too. Check out as Team B destroys Kalamazoo,

I mean checks out Kalamazoo's local scene...

We dropped the Mazda 5 off at Muffler & Hitch on Michigan Ave. You know the place, across from Up and Under. (Like you've never had a pint too many in there. )

Yes, I got a hitch for the 5

I said a hitch for the 5, not a horse.
Purely Team B bike hauling activities. But we did find this down town Kalamazoo...awwh yeah, support your local scene, and horse parking!

We got breakfast at McNally's Kitchen on Jeff's recommendation. Who the heck is Jeff? The hitch guy.

Hey, check the street name! I should swipe that for my cousin Matt!

We went to the Michigan News Agency, which is "LOCALLY OWNED-HERE 4-U"

They were super AWESOME, had a huge selection of knitting magazines (I picked up the knit.1 mag. interview with Adrienne Armstrong, you know you love you some Green Day. Can I say she rocks? Hell yeah!), comics and they were playing Feist! How sweet is that! Very, very sweet indeed. Plus, Canadian!

We found this guy laying brick.

I said laying brick! Please, take this opportunity to be 12. It's fun.

Oh, now this was fun. We found the Kalamazoo Visitor Center. I don't think they were actually used to visitors.

But, they were super friendly, and they had cool swag. "Yes, there really is a Kalamazoo" t shirts are available there! Plus they have maps, local attractions and festival information. I bet they even have a public bathroom...ok, you might have to beg.

Our next stop...The Bookbug!!! Ok, the place rocks! I don't care if you don't have kids. You were a kid once, you might know kids, plus if you don't think this place is sweet or you are just dead inside.

Look! They've even got a real POTTY and a parent section.

How cool is that? A potty. Be still my over active bladder.

Right next door is also the Young Chef's Academy. The Owner, super nice. You know the Pigs need to learn to cook.

Now, of course it was Thursday and that means Zombie Prom Date Knitters. I really should say Zombie Prom Date Fiber Artists, but it's difficult enough describing ZPD Knitters, let alone the whole "what is a Fiber Artist" part.

Oh, look what I found in the parking lot after Zombie Prom Date Knitters! My Mazda5 found a girl friend!

It's so nice to know that my car found love! I will have to inform Betty's new girlfriend that if she decides to hit a raccoon to avoid on coming traffic, it will ruin her cute front grill.

Side note: Zombie raccoon limping around Kalamazoo county.

Additional side note: I'm thinking about getting chrome for my grill. That or knitting something sassy. I'm thinking knitting with duct tape.


tracyb said...

Holly, I went through your whole post looking for a picture of Kalamazoo College! It's where I went for four years. Of course I realize it's not downtown. I went downtown probably twice when I lived there! If you are ever over that way, snap a pic for me! It's been about 20 years since I've seen it!

Holly Bee said...

Can do friend!!

I will put that on the Summer '08 Team B adventure plan!

Kristina B said...

You're quite right, I think that the Pigs do need to learn to cook right away. They're way too old at this point not to be earning their keep :-)

Kalamazoo looks rockin'!!!

Carina said...

Sorry I missed ZPDK. Stupid doctor's appointment.

Dude, I miss the Michigan News Agency. I went there all the time when we lived there. It's hands-down the best used book/magazine store ever. I found the best stuff there. They totally rock!