Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stay Sassy!

Ok, here are a few of my sassy secrets. No, I'm not planning to off myself, I'm just saying it's good to be informed.

Local Harvest-
it's really that simple
Find share of the crop near you (it's under CSA) Want fleece or fiber or cheese or veggies or eggs? You never know someone just down the road from you might have all that stuff, for cheap, and organic. You might just get a new BFF and save the freaking planet.

You say you like to knit but that darn waiting list is too long. Lick it up baby, lick it up. Really, put yourself on the damn waiting list.

If you would have done it, we'd already be hanging out there. I'm knitwithsnot, of course. You can see all the cool stuff I do there! There's even a Zombie Prom Date Knitters Forum there!!! Of course there is! Now go! Get on the list and get organized, digitally!

Mother Earth News-
How can I turn my car into a french fry grease burning eco vehicle? Why I'll just check my handy dandy hippie how to manual!!

It's why the internet was invented. Really. Ok but you can at least look it up there.

Oh, like I'd even know what day of the week it was with out my sweet, sweet NPR. Science Friday on Talk of the Nation. Oh, yes, my friends, it's how I get my thrills.

Which is always stupid, full of bird attacks, zombie slayings, and adventurous outings. Knitting? Hell yes there's knitting! I'm doing all this crazy stuff while knitting! Maybe if I did less knitting I'd get into less trouble, but I know I'd have less fun.

So, stay sassy friends, and knit on.

As noted by Kristina, I do in fact gain wonderful in sights from her on a daily basis. At
Bespoke by Brouhaha
not only do I leave dirty comments, but I am encouraged to! That my friends, is sassy. Oh, and how did I end up be friending Brouhaha? We have the same taste in colour! Yes, loud and Sassy! Plus, she knits like a fiend!


tracyb said...

I think you linked to local harvest before, and I found a place near Alpena! I'm so excited, we are going to do it for sure, we can even buy part of a cow! Yum!

Knit and fall back in it said...

I am going to have to check into your info, I have been wanting to turn my car into a french fry oil burning machine for a while now. Not only is it the responsible thing to do, but it's an excuse to eat french fries whenever you want. That's what you call a win/win my friend, a win/win.

Holly Bee said...

I'm just trying to help everyone out. You know, I hear the best oil to use is actually from Chinese food it's eggrolls, french fries and rangoons all week baby!

Now officially very hungry! Your car would smell so de-lious!

Part of a cow...I hope you get the good part!

Knit and fall back in it said...

Egg rolls, french fries and rangoons...that's the breakfast of champions, bah gawd!!!

Kristina B said...

Hey - you forgot MY blog!!!!

What are "rangoons", perchance?