Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A Shout Out to My Library Science Peeps

My first run in with patchouli wasn't on a hippie, I mean it was from a hippie, but not on a hippie.
I borrowed Jitterbug Perfume an epic Tom Robbins novel, from Willard Library in the Creek.

I started the book, and I really liked it, but there was something wrong with it. It smelled, strong, almost delicous, but overbearing at the same time. Like rotting vegetables in the field, manure and upturned dirty. So, I needless to say, I loved it, but I couldn't put a name to it.

Since the Creek didn't contain many patchouli wearing hippies, nor much need for sweat hiding patchouli, I didn't have a scent base to say "Hey, you stink like my book, could you tell me what you stink of?"

Finally, my friend Lou broke it down for me. It went a bit like this.

Me: removes book from bag

Lou: wrinkles nose and makes face

Lou: Did that book go on tour with the Dead?

Me: eh? what?

Lou: You aren't dating that loser again?

Me: which one?

Lou: Any of them.

Me: What's going on? I'm just reading this awesome book. Hey, isn't Chris Cornell dreamy?

Lou: He really is, but, Honey, your book's got a year's worth of not bathing on it.

Me: What?

Lou: Patchouli. It stinks of Patchouli. Did you get tickets for Lollapalooza?

Really, just like that. At the mall of all places. While on lunch break at RECORD TOWN, uh huh.
I probably had a very similar hair cut. Shorter skirt, nicer legs, but same hair.

Now I'm reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. I've got a Willard Library story about her too. It's not like plant stealing, but it's similar. Why? Why am I reading it? Because all the damn cool kids were doing it! Yep, thanks Jen, Thanks Shelly.

(Now when I buy my tasteless crap veggies at the store I feel like crap about it. Argh, what am I supposed to eat until my luscious Avalon Farms Homegrown Share of the Crop veggies start coming in??? )

I got this book from my local library. I'm only using someone else's left over bookmark, but it's got history. Ok, it's just a bent up 3x5. Oooh, I wonder what it smells like...

Really, here's my plan. I'm going to replace the 3x5 with an Avalon Farms info flyer bookmark. It's like a good deed, patchouli, guerilla art thing. Or it's public library littering.


tracyb said...

Totally not public library littering. Worst case scenario, some library employee will take the book mark out and be educated and entertained! Best case, the bookmark goes unnoticed by staff and educates countless people! You rock!

Kristina B said...

Oh man... that brings back memories! I now vividly remember MY first encounter with patchouli... which is not for public consumption, really... so thanks (I think)!!!

You make me laugh.

Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

I loooooove Barbara Kingsolver! And I have that book on my "to read" list. When I actually have time to read. Eh, I have *some* time...I'm reading S.E. Hinton (omg, S. E. HINTON, just like 7th grade That was Then, This is Now!), Hawkes Harbor right now.